10 Greatest Villains From Arrow Verse Who Could Make a Much Better Suicide Squad

Villains From Arrow Verse Make Better Suicide Squad:

With the talks of a new Suicide Squad movie, we have an interesting proposition. What if the DCEU used the supervillains of the CW Network’s Arrow Verse? Could they have made for a better and more potent Suicide Squad? We think the answer is yes.

 1. Zoom

Every team, whether it is a supervillain team or a superhero group, needs a speedster. Zoom may no longer be a part of the Arrow Verse ever since he became the Black Flash and an agent of the Speed Force. But after the creation of the new timeline, Zoom became his own self again. Zoom’s speed force abilities are beyond comprehension. There was once a time when Zoom was faster than the Flash could ever hope to be. He is also willing to make the hard choices and is ready to get his hands dirty to get the job done. A speedster who is willing to kill at a single command without questioning the order is just what the Suicide Squad needs.

 2. Murmur

Villains From Arrow Verse Make Better Suicide Squad

Once the Right Hand Man of Damien Darhk, Michael Amar has since fallen from grace. His menacing sewn shut mouth and extremely gloomy, the ribbed face is enough to scare anyone. But it is Murmur’s street smarts skills that the Suicide Squad will find to be really handy. Murmur has been a player in the Criminal Under-World ever since he was 15. He has amassed a huge name for himself and a network based on trust and reputation. If the Suicide Squad is ever caught in an ambush or need some over the boundaries help, Murmur is their go-to guy. He is also very skilled in unarmed combat, able to fight Quentin Lance even though he was shot in one shoulder. The murmur will become the Suicide Squad’s ground operations and exfiltration specialist.

 3. Prometheus

Even if you do have a hit-man, you need a back-up just in case things go way overboard. Prometheus aka Adrian Chase is not just an effective Deathstroke substitute, he is cunning and highly tactful, making him a rather wicked strategist. It is because of his shrewdness that he would become a really amazing leader. Of course, he would first and foremost try to look out for himself. But if Waller could use her skills as a manipulator to try and find some leverage against Chase, he could make him the Squad’s de facto leader who would be forced to look out not just for himself but for everyone else so that he gets to keep his head.

 4. Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is a super-intelligent primate who was also affected by the particle accelerator explosion. He gained heightened intelligence and the ability to communicate telepathically. Gorilla Grodd can also use his telepathic powers for mind control abilities. He is a huge behemoth and has powerful physical attributes. Gorilla Grodd could become the brute of the Suicide Squad and essentially be their shock trooper and battering ram. His intelligence and cunning will also come in handy. Gorilla Grodd currently resides in another universe in Gorilla City but that could change at any point in time if and when Waller demands his presence.

 5. Savitar

What is better than one speedster? Two Speedsters of course!! Savitar was actually a Time Remnant of Barry Allen from the future. After the original Barry Allen failed to defeat Savitar, the Time Remnant Barry Allen was rejected by his friends and family for not being the original version. Suffering pain and agony of the highest degree, Savitar travels to the past and gains the philosopher’s stone, creating the legend of Savitar – God of Spee.d Savitar is driven by rage and his speed force powers are way stronger than the Flash and Zoom’s combined. He will be a very valuable asset to the Squad.

 6. Rag Doll

Villains From Arrow Verse Make Better Suicide Squad

Many would claim Rag Doll to be the scariest Meta-Human on this list. And that scare factor itself warrants him a spot on Suicide Squad, a team of mercenaries that also qualify for the world’s greatest flicks. Rag Doll was a result of the Enlightenment project by the Thinker. On the night of the Enlightenment, Peter Merkel got crushed under the satellite that was supposed to be The Thinker’s primary vessel to use Dark Matter Energy that would have de-evolved the human race. After suffering multiple bone fractures all over his body from the rubble and being exposed to a huge portion of the Dark Matter power source, Peter Merkel gained the superhuman ability to contort beyond human comprehension, and making his body so flexible he could fit in through the closest of spaces. Rag Doll’s get up is also rather scary. But it is his menacing behavior that makes him a freak. He is also a very adept fighter and an escape artist. He would be the Suicide Squad’s primary infiltrator.

 7. Damien Darhk

Every incarnation of the Suicide Squad has one master or mistress of the Occult. Damien Darhk was the primary antagonist of Arrow in the previous season. While that particular season itself gained widespread criticism, Damien Darhk gained critical acclaim. Before Darhk came into the scene, all of Arrow’s primary villains were just that – villains. Damien Darhk was the first Arrow Villain to be a true family man who would do anything for his wife and daughter. He also has very good comic timing. Darhk is also a very adept close combat fighter, being able to keep up with Oliver and Diggle. Darhk’s expertise in magic will come in handy with the team. Amanda Waller could just threaten his family to make him join the Suicide Squad.

 8. Brother Eye

Villains From Arrow Verse

In the comics, Brother Eye has a different origin story than the one we see in the Arrow Verse. Brother Eye was actually a sentient supercomputer aboard a satellite that was created by Batman as part of his superhuman over-watch program called the OMAC Project. In the CW Network’s Arrow Verse, Brother Eye was actually a terrorist organization that specialized in cyber-terrorism. But there are ample chances for the CW to recreate the classic villain in its true colors. Brother Eye was originally an A.I that went rogue. If Waller could somehow gain his hands on that, she could make the A.I work for her and become the team’s information analyst and coordinator.

 9. Deathstroke

Villains From Arrow Verse Make Better Suicide Squad

Slade Wilson has had a long history with the Arrow Verse. Apart from the splendid and magnificent performance of Manu Bennett as the eponymous character, the mercenary anti-hero has his own quirks and qualms that make him flawed and unique. Deathstroke has lived a life of crime and violence all his life. Slade Wilson is a legend among the global underworld. He is one of the greatest close combat fighters in the history of the DC Universe, having the skills to defeat even Batman. The Deathstroke of the Arrow Verse is no less proficient. It was sad to see Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke make his last appearance in the Arrow Verse a while ago. The fans would go absolutely nuclear if they could see Deathstroke in action again as part of the Suicide Squad’s primary hit-man.

 10. Cicada

Cicada’s real name is Orlin Dwyer. Like Rag Doll, he too was a victim of the Enlightenment project. Both Orlin and his niece Grace Gibbons were hit by the shrapnel from the falling debris of the Dark Matter Satellite. Grace was hit in the head while Orlin had shrapnel pierce right through his chest. Orlin was devastated to see his niece enter an indefinite comatose stage with no clear chances of recovery. He blamed the Meta Humans of Central City for the mishap. As Cicada, he started hunting and killing Meta Humans as part of his revenge crusade against all superhumans of the Arrow Verse. Cicada is effective against Meta Humans, with scores of abilities within his arsenal that are meant to overpower and neutralize super-powered threats. Cicada’s dagger also has the power to negate the powers of other Meta Humans. He will be the perfect guy to deal with Meta-Human threats.

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