Most Hilarious Marvel Characters That We Love In The MCU

Starting from “Earth is closed today!” to “ Why is Gamora”, we all are guilty of laughing during the dangerous crises. Using humor in superhero action movies is the forte of MCU. The studio has made its action genre movies suitable for every palette. In fact, it’s safe to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pioneered in producing comedy Superhero movies. Nowadays, viewers are inclined towards light-hearted and hilarious content and MCU surely tapped on to it. No matter the size of danger these heroes are in, the humor will always lighten things up. Here’s a list of MCU’s most hilarious Marvel characters.


Avengers: Endgame Ant-Man MCU

While most of the superheroes mean a great deal and carry this Herculean aura around themselves, Ant-Man feels like the guy next door. He is like one of us who is awkward with handshakes and is goofy most of the time.

Drax-The Destroyer

Most Hilarious Marvel Characters in MCU

His not being so smart is actually funny, unlike Star-Lord’s dumb mistakes that make us angry. Putting Drax and Rocket together makes a perfect combination as one would never get the other’s sarcasm. He hardly grasps what his team talks about and his dumbness is worse than a tube-light. But we love him and couldn’t do without him.


If you’re ever stuck in a grave problem, you’d want to get stuck with Spidey. It’s not a reference to his rescuing powers but to his ability to always lighten things up. Be it a Civil War among superheroes or a mission to the galaxy to fight evil forces, Spider-Man will crack you up with his candor. The way he innocently messes things up is cute and hilarious.


Watching Star-Lord always brings a smile on our face. His style involves one-liners and punches. Pun intended. He might not have much control over his emotions. But you’ve got to give this hero some credit for his sense of humor and swag.


Most Hilarious Marvel Characters in MCU

There is a light air about this superhero that doesn’t let you take him and his missions seriously. This witty mercenary can give you an adrenaline rush and at the same time make you laugh. While Iron Man and Captain America’s fans are divided, Deadpool is everybody’s favorite. This witty warrior is everyone’s man.


Infinity War Theory Loki

It’s rare for a villain to have a fan base that is bigger than that of a Superhero. To begin with, Loki’s accent is irresistible. But the magic tricks played by this villain will surprisingly make you laugh. It’s impossible to be afraid of the God of Mischief. This villain is far from being intimidating. He is entertaining and there can never be enough of him.

Rocket Raccoon

This raccoon has more fans than a human superhero does. He holds the ability to kill with his sarcasm with a straight face. He has an uber-cool swag that has played a great deal in inspiring youngsters. Guardians Of The Galaxy is incomplete without him.

Iron Man

Most Hilarious Marvel Characters in MCU

Iron Man gadgets may be impressive and powerful but that’s not the primary reason for his massive fan base. Tony Stark is smart, and the man cracks you up as he breathes. He doesn’t have to try hard to be funny. The subtle wit, blended with pride is the very essence of his attitude. And no one could do him better than Robert Downey Jr.


The melodious voice and accent from this gigantic pile of rocks not only took us by surprise but had us fall off our seats with laughter. Thor: Ragnarok was one of the best MCU movies so far, for its humor, action, adventure, and music. Humor was the biggest reason for its success and Korg played a significant part in it. Director, Taika Waititi’s Scottish inspired voice-over added with goofy jokes resulted in a brilliant character.


Most Hilarious Marvel Characters in MCU

Luis’ entry on the screen always promises fun and entertainment for a good number of minutes. Half of the scenes from Ant-Man movies rely on his amazing and hilarious commentary and narration that are bound to make you smile.

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