The MCU is Yet To Fully Reveal The Coolest Secret of Loki

Coolest Secret of Loki:

There’s a lot about Loki that is yet to be revealed, and the MCU is actually going to spend an entire series on him. It won’t even be a mini-series as 2 seasons have already been confirmed. Giving Loki some extra screen time was a must as that’s what he deserved. So, Marvel did a wonderful job bringing back Loki as the God of Mischief. Since Loki was always in the shadow of Thor, he could never fully become his own character. But now all that could happen. Now, the MCU could tell us a 1000 years’ worth of stories relating to Loki. There could be a lot of hidden surprises and untold secrets. Well, there was one cool secret of Loki which was teased back in Thor: The Dark World, but it was never fully explored.

Loki is extremely potent at the art of deception. He learned magic from his mom, which became his greatest weapon during any battle. But now, we will see the full extent of his magic. But along with that, we also want to know about the secret portals that were teased in the first and second Thor movies. In the first film, Loki used one of his secret pathways to travel to Jotunheim and give rise to a conspiracy. These pathways are hidden from the eyes of Heimdall, so obviously, he couldn’t catch a whiff of Loki escaping Asgard. In the second Thor movie, Loki was forced to use one of his secret portals so he along with Thor & Jane could escape Asgard and fight Malekith. But we were never told what these portals were, and how did Loki have access to them.

The MCU is Yet To Fully Reveal The Coolest Secret of Loki

Well, legendary comic writer Jason Aaron has finally explained the secret of these portals in issue – Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9. Thor’s brother Tyr has been quite troublesome in recent times. He tried to lay his claim to the throne of Asgard but failed. Because he betrayed the crown, he was given the punishment of serving drinks at Valhalla. But this duration of his punishment allowed him to learn ancient secrets of certain powerful objects, forgotten magic, and sacred places as he eaves dropped on the slain. His latest learnings told him how to use the Rokkva, the comic book equivalent of the Aether in the MCU (minus the Reality Stone), and the Urdoors, portals between the Nine Realms which resemble the one we saw in Thor 2. The portals were established years back in ancient times by magic lost in the mists of time.

Tyr uses these portals to escape Valhalla and acquire Rokkva. He does acquire the powerful artefact, but couldn’t control it. The All-Father Thor defeats him, but he still manages to escape. He ends up on Jotunheim where Loki finds him. The God of Mischief tells him that he’d be allowed to stay only if he reveals new secret he learned in Valhalla. So, this way, Loki gets to know everything about the Rokkva, the Urdoors, and everything else that Tyr grasped during his days of punishment in Valhalla. Basically, Loki now has knowledge equivalent to that of MCU’s Loki.

The MCU is Yet To Fully Reveal The Coolest Secret of Loki

But obviously, we’re yet to fully explore how Loki came to know of the portals. In a deleted scene of Thor 2, Frigga tells Thor that she was the one to train Loki with his magic. She had to do it because Odin and Thor cast huge shadows upon Loki, and Loki needed his own talent and skill which he could hold on to. Anyway, my point is that Frigga must have told Loki about the secret pathways. Given that Loki has the Tesseract right now, we don’t think that he will be using one of the secret portals. But, he will also come in contact with the TVA, who might take the Tesseract away from him. So, the secret portals might come in handy after all (if they are accessible from the other ends of the nine realms as well). Let’s see what happens.

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