Flash S03: Cisco Will Learn About VIBING From Another Meta-Human

In season 2, Cisco Ramone discovered the potential of his meta-human abilities which one could argue makes him as one of the most powerful meta-humans. He had already vibed the presence of Eobard Thawne/ Reverse Flash and told Team Flash about him. This time Flash got the better of the Man in a Yellow suit and put him down for good at a meta-human prison. Further, Prof. Wells found a trigger to stimulate a fear response from Cisco and created super-glasses which made him vibe across different time-space dimensions.

Flash S03: Cisco Will Learn About VIBING From Another Meta-Human

In season 3, Cisco is missing in action as he lost his elder brother Dante due to Flashpoint which almost destroyed his relationship with Barry, but the second half of the season will leave no choice to him but suit up as a Vibe.The official synopsis of episode 11 of season 3 titled “Dead or Alive” revealed that HR’s life is in grave danger when a new meta-human Gypsy from Earth-19 comes to Earth-1 who has powers similar to Cisco vibe abilities.

In an interview with CBR, the executive producer Aaron Helberg pointed out that Cisco still doesn’t have the whole understanding of the extent of his powers, the new meta-human will make him realize how much more he can accomplish if he realizes his true potential. He said

“We’re going to see Cisco really realize what he can do. Gypsy is a very formidable adversary. He never realized the extent of his powers, and because of seeing Gypsy, he’s going to become more and more in tune with his powers and what he can do, whether it’s crossing dimensions or opening breaches much faster and quicker. He’s going to be building confidence, and that’ll definitely play into the rest of the season of helping Barry and the team stop Savitar from killing Iris.”

He mentioned that Cisco just can’t stop thinking about Gypsy which may even lead to a romantic relationship in the future. Further, if Cisco manages to overcome the threat of Gypsy and rescue HR, it will better his relations with him and indicate that he is finally ready to move on.

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