10 Best Moments That Were Improvised In MCU Movies

Best Moments That Were Improvised In MCU Movies:

MCU is a world of talented artists including the actors, writers, directors, and so on who are responsible for the success of the studios. Today, MCU is one of the highest-earning and most popular production houses across the world. It is the result of their teamwork and its great coordination. But sometimes these well-experienced actors go unscripted and deliver improvised dialogues and scenes that become iconic MCU moments. We have enlisted some of your most favorite moments that were surprisingly never part of the script.

Steve & Thor’s Haircut

No one expected Captain America and the God of Thunder, Thor, discussing haircuts during a war. And right when we were thinking that they exchanged their looks, they surprised us by mentioning it themselves. Clearly it was on the actors’ minds too as these hilarious dialogues weren’t part of the script. Guess, any 2 men meeting after ages would talk like this, and superheroes are no exception. No wonder why the audience finds MCU characters the most relatable.

He Didn’t Want To Go

Spider-Man: Far From Home International Trailer

Infinity War left us heart-broken and dejected-looking at how half of the superheroes vanished into dust. Watching a young Peter Parker, with dreams in his eyes and a life ahead of him, die in Mr. Stark’s arms hit us right through the heart. Even Spider-Man was a human and young, so he’s getting scared and pleading that he didn’t want to go seemed relatable and natural. These lines were not in the script and were ad-libbed by Tom Holland.

Why Is Gamora?

Best Moments That Were Improvised In MCU Movies

What sets apart MCU films from other action and superhero movies is its humor. Even the ultimate Avengers: Endgame had its own moments of laughter. One of them was when Star-Lord and Iron Man were asking questions about Gamora like “where is Gamora?” and “Who is Gamora?”. This competition over Gamora was won by Drax who gave us a better one with “Why is Gamora?”.  The moment was dumb for Drax as usual but in reality, it was a smart move by David Bautista as it was completely impromptu.


Avengers having Shawarma is one of our favorites and most memorable moments. Since RDJ and Tony are synonymous with personality, him mentioning the “shawarma place” was ad-libbed. It came totally out of the blue but felt relatable. To this, director Whedon decided to gather the Avengers during the premier and shoot a scene of them having the Sharwama.

I Am Iron Man

For talented actors like Robert Downey Jr., camera and acting comes natural to them. Such a gem can give brilliant performance effortlessly. The quote said by Tony Stark in his last breath in Endgame was not even written in the script. “I Am Iron Man” was an ad-lib by RDJ which has now become one of the most iconic quotes of MCU.

Thor: Ragnarok

Best Moments That Were Improvised In MCU Movies

Repeat after me: Taika Waititi is a genius! He not only gave us Jojo Rabbit but also directed one of the best MCU movies, Thor: Ragnarok. Out of all the Thor films, this one was wild,  crazy, and hilarious. The secret? 80% of the movie was improvised and not scripted. “He’s from work” sounded relatable yet bizarre coming from an Avengers God. It was recommended by a kid from Make-a-Wish Foundation and it worked out well.

Tony Stark’s Blueberries

Snacking while you’re on the job might be not allowed at your workplace. But in the MCU, doing that seems to be part of their work culture. RDJ had a habit of hiding his snacks on the sets and boldly gobbled them even while shooting. Now, this is something that even Tony Stark would do. So, the directors added RDJ’s blueberry scene in the movie. Those were actually his snacks that he also offered to Steve and Bruce.


Best Moments That Were Improvised In MCU Movies

Even Hawkeye can be silly, make jokes and sound like us ordinary beings when angry. His blabbering under his breath in Avengers: Age of Ultron was a hilarious moment. When Hawkeye and Wanda were in the middle of a fight in Sokovia, Quicksilver swooped in and took away Wanda; irritated, Hawkeye talks to himself that nobody would know that Ultron sat on Quicksilver. This funny moment of an annoyed Hawkeye was unscripted.

When Odin Snarled

Improvisation is very natural to an experienced legend, Anthony Hopkins. None of the actors had a clue about Odin’s growl in the script. The actor wanted to experiment with a surprising growl on his co-stars. So, the moment he snarled, Loki was taken by shock and that reaction on his face was completely authentic.

When Agent Carter Saw Transformed Steve

Best Moments That Were Improvised In MCU Movies

As we know, Steve Rogers was not this chiseled always. Before having the super-soldier serum, Steve used to be a scrawny man. And just like the audience, it was actress Hayley Atwell’s first time too in witnessing Chris Evan’s jacked up the body. All her reactions were genuine including the one where she went up to him and felt his chest to give a dramatic effect.

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