Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Did You See The Famous Knights of Ren?

As Kylo Ren was chosen by the legendary Luke Skywalker to be his Padawan in his last-ditch attempts to start a new Jedi Order to rejuvenate the Galaxy with the teachings of the Force, there was one hell of a surprise in store for both.

Kylo belonged to the famous Skywalker bloodline and hence had unimaginable raw powers of manipulating the Force. Before even Luke knew that Kylo could become the greatest Force User in the history of the Galaxy, another dark entity was already aware of it.

Supreme Leader Snoke is considered the greatest evil in the history of the Star Wars Universe. And he tempted Kylo into the Dark Side and made him the force to be reckoned with he is today. He wanted Kylo Ren so that he can use him as a bait to either dram out Luke Skywalker from hiding or get him killed, either way he wins. Because he knew that as long as Luke is alive, hope is alive in the galaxy.

But as Kylo became Snoke’s apprentice and learned the Sith teachings under him, he became the most feared agent of the First Order, the successor to the evil Galactic Empire from the classic trilogy. Kylo is not just a member of the First Order but also the leader of the Knights of Ren.

The Knights of Ren is composed of the young padawans that Luke once took under his wing along with Kylo Ren. But when Kylo rebelled against his master, some of them joined forces with him and slaughtered whoever resisted the young Solo.

The Knights of Ren was only vaguely mentioned in The Force Awakens. In the Last Jedi, they were nowhere to be found. So where are they?

The Knights of Ren and their leader Kylo Ren do not belong to the Sith Order. They are manipulators of the Dark Side of the Force but they do not have the honor of being counted amongst the same ranks as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine were.

The author Chuck Wendig wrote “Aftermath” trilogy set after the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’ mentioned that the Emperor was aware of the dark side keeping a tab on the galaxy from unknown places. Here’s the excerpt:

“The Emperor was convinced that something waited for him out there — some origin of the Force, some dark presence formed of malevolent substance. He said he could feel the waves of it radiating out now that the way was clear. The Emperor called it a signal — conveniently one that only he could hear. Even his greatest enforcer, Vader, seemed oblivious to it, and Vader also claimed mastery over the dark Force, did he not? Rax believed Palpatine had gone mad.”

Snoke, Kylo and the Knights of Ren were the only manipulators of the Dark Side after Vader and Palpatine met their demise earlier. After Snoke’s death, Kylo is now the leader of the First Order. Which make us wonder why the Knights were not there to help their leader when Kylo usurped the throne?

Will they ever return? We may have an answer.

The Knights of Ren were seen first in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when Rey accidentally touched Luke’s Lightsaber. She was shown a vision of several masked men standing alongside Kylo as several dead bodies lied scattered throughout the battlefield.

That was the only vision of Kylo Ren’s Knights anyone could ever have ever since. All of them wore masks like Kylo and worshipped Vader lie he did.

The Knights were personally handpicked by Luke to learn the ways of the Force during their childhood. So it would be safe to assume they have immensely powerful force abilities. It would be a treat to watch them fight Rey, the Last Jedi as Luke Skywalker is no more in this material plane of existence.

Kylo Ren has assumed leadership of the First Order. He is now Supreme Leader Kylo. As ugly as that moniker sounds, the Knights will be soon coming to his aid to make things even more. The Knights will probably show themselves in Episode IX of Star Wars and the third installment of The Last Jedi Trilogy.

It was hard for Rey to fight Kylo alone? How would the only Jedi alive be of any use against a fight with not one or two but dozens of Dark Side manipulators?? Is Rey going to be victorious or will she meet a fate similar to Kylo’s father Han Solo??

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Ren

The stage is set for an epic showdown in the final iteration of Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi Trilogy. With J.J. Abrams at the director’s helm for the final movie, expect new equations to arise and newer faces and characters to show up.

Abrams has successfully reinvented the Star Wars franchise with ‘The Force Awakens’ and now he is coming back to direct the third movie in the trilogy. He has a lot of great ideas which he would be bringing to the big screen along with Chris Terrio who is working on a screenplay.

He has promised the fans that it would be a grand spectacle, something they have never seen before. The conclusive installment will rehash some of the elements of the original trilogy, add a dash of prequels and mix it with totally new ideas to create a distinctive yet immersive experience for both the old and young generation.

One of the complaints that we often hear about ‘The Force Awakens’ was that the movie almost felt like ‘New Hope’ with latest visual effects with nothing new to offer. But he had something to say to this:

“Well, it’s certainly something that I’m aware of now working on Episode IX – coming back into this world after having done Episode VII. I feel like we need to approach this with the same excitement that we had when we were kids, loving what these movies were. And at the same time, we have to take them places that they haven’t gone, and that’s sort of our responsibility.”

He added: “It’s a strange thing, Michael’s worked on things like Planet of the Apes and Star Trek and Star Wars, and these are the things of dreams. Yet we can’t just revel in that; we have to go elsewhere.”

Abrams is known for completely flipping the coin when it comes to movie making. Maybe Rian Johnson never focused on the Knights of Ren’s appearances in Star Wars but Abrams is no Rian Johnson. The Knight’s of Ren will most likely show up in Episode IX. The only question is how and why.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already in theaters. Episode IX will put an end to The Last Jedi Trilogy when it releases on December 20, 2019. It will tie in all the three trilogies and give a satisfying and meaningful end to the journey of some of the most amazing characters ever put to screen. Until then, Hang on young Padawan!!!

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