The New Justice League Trailer Is Out And Here Is The Breakdown

WB has released the 3rd Justice League Trailer and it is Insane. The Trailer Begins with a heist at a sort of museum where a bunch of robbers is trying to do something dirty, and the Diana blasts in taking down all those thugs in a kick-ass way, dodging bullets and kicking Butt. We then see a scene at Themyscira where all the Amazonians Along with Queen Hippolyta are standing around a mother Box trying to guard it and in comes Steppenwolf!

A still from the Justice League trailer

We then get a glimpse of Atlantis as Aquaman swims through water, and then quick shots of Diana, Barry, Cyborg and Bruce Wayne appear while we hear Steppenwolf say, “No Protectors here, no Lanterns, No Kryptonians. This World will die, like all the others.” And then he smashes the ground with his Axe shattering everything and erupting Lava out of the ground.

So this means that the movie is going to have something about the Green Lantern and Steppenwolf is going to be really threatening.

Next, we see quick shots of Steppenwolf and many Parademons collecting at an alien ship, Aquaman says, “honestly I think we are all gonna die” and Batman riding the upgraded Bat-mobile out of the ‘Flying Fox’.

All the heroes gather together and Wonder Woman says, “Don’t Engage alone, We’ll do this together.” Then the flash being a little nervous says “It’s really cool you guys are ready to do battles and stuff, but I have never done any battles, I just pushed some people and run away.”  So the movie is going to be epic as well as funny.

A still from the Justice League trailer

In the following scene, we saw Cyborg taking over ‘The Crawler’ which was partly damaged.

Then we see Steppenwolf entering the same scene and fighting Wonder Woman and Cyborg in the Crawler along with some Parademons. He axes the ‘Crawler’ literally demolishing it. Wonder Woman manages to push him away by clashing her magic bracelets when he tried to assault her.

A still from the Justice League trailer

The next scene shows Aquaman under water dodging the axe thrown at him by Steppenwolf. This would probably be the part of the movie where Steppenwolf tries to claim the second Mother-Box from Atlantis after having successfully taken the first one from the Amazons.

Next up we see Batman kick some Parademon ass and then he gets a stunning shot gliding right into the screen. After that, probably the best scene of the trailer is showcased where Aquaman actually rides down a Parademon falling from the sky into a building making a real Superhero Landing.

There are quick shots the climactic battle of the movie where the sky is all Apocalyptic and red and a battle against the Parademons goes on. 4 Members of the league than gather in a different scene in front of ‘Lex Corps’, an ancient battle between the Amazons and the Parademons is shown, and the Flying Fox also shows up.

While all these quick shots, we hear Bruce Wayne’s inspiration from Superman, “Superman was a beacon to the world, he didn’t just save people, he made them see the best parts of themselves.”

Justice League Trailer
A still from the Justice League trailer

The last part of the trailer pokes some fun at Jim Gordon who is seen talking to Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the Flash at the top of GCPD where the Bat-signal shines.

The trailer ends with Alfred talking to someone, possibly Superman as he returns from the dead. We can see Superman’s red cape in the corner of the screen. Alfred says, “He said you’d come, now let’s ‘Hope’ you are not too late.” This marks the return of Superman but his face was not revealed, thankfully.

In case you haven’t watched the trailer:

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