Venom 2 – Tom Hardy Teases a Spider-Man Venom Crossover Once Again

Venom 2: Spider-Man Venom Crossover

The second Venom movie just got delayed to 2021 a couple weeks back. And after that, Tom Hardy has teased a crossover with Spider-Man not once but twice. He posted a story of Venom eating Spider-Man and then deleted it. Here’s what he posted a couple weeks back:

With this tease it seems obvious that Spider-Man will appear in the second Venom movie. Because Venom 2 got a massive delay, we assumed that it could lead to a few reshoots & an additional involvement of Spider-Man, leading up to a Spider-Man vs. Venom event in the third movie. This is a fight that is inevitable and Tom Hardy has already begun to tease it. Here’s what he posted over the weekend, and then deleted it within 3 seconds:

Venom 2: Spider-Man Venom Crossover

The Morbius trailer made it rather apparent that Spider-Man & his solo MCU movies will be a part of Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. Spider-Man was painted as a murderer on the wall and that’s the situation that Mysterio created for him. Furthermore, even Adriam Toomes shows up in the Morbius trailer. So, if there are Spider-Man teases in Morbius, then we suspect that there will be certain teases in Venom 2 as well. In fact, Tom Holland has to cameo, in the movie.

Venom would need a lot of help taking down Carnage & Shriek together. So, that is where Spider-Man should come in. If Spider-Man is now allowed to jump from the MCU to SPUMC, then Sony should take full advantage of that. Spidey’s appearance in Venom 2 will not just be to set up the events of Venom 3, but we should also get a set up for Spider-Man 3. We could get to see Spidey redeem himself a bit by stopping Venom from murdering Carnage. That is probably what will also set up a feud between Venom & Spidey.

Venom 2: Spider-Man Venom Crossover

People have come up with some interesting theories like Peter Parker actually bonding with Venom for a while & become the Black Spider-Man. If you go into the details, then the theory suggests that once Peter Parker shows up, the Venom symbiote will attach itself upon him somehow. It’ll obviously be temporary as Eddie Brock might get separated from Venom & injured in his fight against Carnage. Spider-Man shows up to save the day, and to get an extra boost of power, Spidey will attach himself to the Venom symbiote & become Black Spider-Man. That’s how Venom will get the Spider Symbol on his chest when he goes back to bond with Eddie Brock. In fact more than the Symbol, Venom will also absorb Peter’s Powers since that is one of his traits. That will mark a power up for Venom as well. All this would be awesome to witness.

Morbius & Venom Part of Sinister Six

With Sony now getting to use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in their shared Universe, it does seem that we’ve got the greatest deal. Sony & Disney are working very well with each other and that will mean that we’d be getting a lot of Spider-Man in the MCU & in SPUMC. He will appear in solo films, crossover with the MCU characters & he’d also interact with the SPUMC characters. What more could we ask for?

Venom & Spider-Man Character to Appear in Morbius

Obviously, SPUMC merging into the MCU would be the best things since Venom could also interact with MCU characters like Deadpool, the likes of Morbius could go up against Blade & Kraven the Hunter could fight Black Panther. The Sinister Six or a team of Spider-Man villains could actually become villains in an Avengers movie. But since Marvel doesn’t want to address the events of SPUMC, we’ve got the next best resolution.

Superhero Project Sony Under Development After Spider-Man Split

Sony has big plans for Spider-Man. While speaking to Fandango Spider-Man and Venom franchise producer Amy Pascal said:

“I can say that we’ve had a fantastic partnership and you never know what’s going to happen. We have a lot of stories to tell about Spider-Man, in every facet.”

We just can’t wait. Venom 2 arrives on June 25, 2021.

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