Tyrant Could Be a Better Villain For MCU Phase 4 Than Thanos Was in Phase 3

Tyrant Better Villain Than Thanos:

Cosmic Powerhouses are dime a dozen in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Grand Master, the Champion, the Collector, and The Celestials – the list goes on and on and on. Thanos may not have that level of command over the Power Cosmic but he is certainly a powerhouse himself. And with Josh Brolin playing the Mad Titan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies till phase 3, Thanos was immortalized as one of the greatest villains that sprang out of a comic book to have ever been featured in a movie, let alone a shared movie superhero universe.

Tyrant Better Super Villain Than Thanos

But is he the greatest Marvel Villain there ever was, is and will be? Looks like there is someone in the comic books who could serve the Dark Side better than even Thanos did. That’s right. This guy could do a better job than the purple megalomaniac in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Tyrant Better Super Villain Than Thanos

When we say the word – Tyrant, even many hard-core comic book readers would have a hard time recalling the name. And we will not blame you guys for it. A villain whose very name is so obscure and unpopular that not even comic book readers of Marvel could guess it has a chance to be a better villain than Thanos in the MCU? How absurd does that sound!! But trust us, we do have a point. Tyrant’s stature in the comic books made him the perfect antagonist and the Big Bad Wolf for Marvel Comics. There are multiple reasons behind it.

Tyrant Better Super Villain Than Thanos

With more than a dozen appearances ever in the history of Marvel Comic Book issues, Tyrant made a quick name for himself, something not any Super Villain of Marvel Comics has ever managed to achieve. Primarily appearing as an enemy of the Silver Surfer and being a thorn to him for most of the 1990s, Tyrant was later forgotten and left to be taken down by the sands of time. But a being of that caliber will have a hard time just becoming a shadow in the background. The Marvel Comic Book Overlords knew it. And that is why they kept bringing him back again and again. Tyrant’s amazing command over the Power Cosmic made him a perfect equivalent of Thanos. He has enough power to challenge even Galactus!! And that is saying something.

Tyrant’s first-ever debut was in The Silver Surfer #81 back in the year 1993. Ron Marz, Tom Christopher, and Ron Lim penned and drew the issue together. This was way after the time Thanos got his hands on the Infinity Gems and wielded the Infinity Gauntlet in the acclaimed Infinity Gauntlet saga. In the same issue, Tyrant achieved multiple impossible feats all at once. He defeated the Silver Surfer, one of the most powerful Superheroes in the Marvel Comic Book Universe of all time. But he also defeated Terrax, another of Galactus’ herald who has given even the Silver Surfer a run for his money sometimes. Soon after, he fought and defeated several other space-based super-powered individuals like the Strontian being named Gladiator of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and the Beta Ray Bill of the Korbinite race.

Tyrant only lives to fuel his thirst for war and conquest! In more ways than one, Tyrant is similar to Galactus, who created him. While Galactus’ primary driver is hunger, Tyrant’s drive is violence. Tyrant was created by Galactus to become one of his first-ever Heralds to help him look for planets that could help sustain Galactus’ endless hunger. Tyrant’s hunger of violence got the better of him and when Galactus came to know that he was misusing the powers bestowed upon him by inciting wars between civilizations, Galactus and Tyrant fought and that universe ending battle resulted in Galactus’ victory and Tyrant’s exile, and his Power Cosmic was taken away.

Despite not having cosmic powers anymore, Tyrant was still a force to be reckoned with. For eons, Tyrant spent most of his time looking for ways to amass power and challenge Galactus to one more duel. An alien covenant called the Sphinsterhood was formed. Its purpose was for pushing back Tyrant and keeping him at bay every time he comes to threaten the universe. When Tyrant eventually returned a millennium later, only one of the Sphinsterhood’s members named Ganymede had survived. By that time, Tyrant had already captured all these cosmic heroes to absorb their powers and grow stronger in the process.

Tyrant is a sentient cosmic machine. He is neither living nor dead and thus he has no qualms for inciting chaos. As we said, Tyrant’s sole purpose in life is to usher in an age of well, tyranny. His ambition is universal anarchy. Galactus knew that for him to survive, he needed to be a minimalist. He should only take a little and let the universe grow so that there is always food for him. Tyrant never understood Galactus’ ideology. He wanted death and devastation, no matter the cost. And he wanted the universe to suffer.

Tyrant Better Super Villain Than Thanos

And believe it or not, Tyrant and Thanos have met in battle and fought each other. Thanos was in search of an orb that contained some of the power that Tyrant held. The Mad Titan believed that even having a small portion of Tyrant’s total energy reserves will be a huge help for him. That alone is enough to drive our point across as to why we think Tyrant could be the new age MCU villain. But if that still does not convince you – we have something else for you too. In Cosmic Powers, #6, Tyrant and Thanos fought. And the fight ended with Thanos realizing he is hilariously out-matched. He even admitted that Tyrant is a much stronger being than him and decided to run away in fear rather than face Tyrant in single combat.

The only being who has ever defeated Tyrant is none other than his creator Galactus him-self. The Devourer of Worlds is the only one who can stop him. That is exactly why once Tyrant tried to manipulate and turn Morg, a herald of Galactus, against his master. Morg soon found him-self holding the Ultimate Nullifier, the most powerful weapon in the Universe. The Ultimate Nullifier can wipe out any being from the fabric of reality. Once used on someone, it was like he never existed. The Fantastic Four used the Ultimate Nullifier to scare Galactus away from devouring Earth. And now Tyrant wanted Morg to use the weapon on Galactus. But the tables turned when Morg used the Nullifier on Tyrant instead. At the cost of his own life, Morg took Tyrant down for good.

Tyrant Better Super Villain Than Thanos

Tyrant has never been seen in the Marvel Universe. He has only been mentioned sparingly in the modern Marvel reboots. But a cosmic force of such power deserves recognition and acknowledgment. And that is where Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 comes in.

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