Silver Surfer Will Join the MCU in [SPOILER]

Silver Surfer Join the MCU:

We’re pretty excited about the MCU going full-on cosmic in the coming few films. Eternals will be the first Phase 4 movie to explore a bit of the cosmic history related to Earth. WandaVision could also surprise us with a few cosmic connections through SWORD. Then Thor: Love And Thunder will actually be the next film to take us into new areas of MCU’s deep space corners. It might even introduce us to the new space guy, Beta Ray Bill. But will it also bring in the likes of Silver Surfer? Absolutely not!!

 Silver Surfer join the MCU

Taika Waititi has confirmed the fact that the rumors about Norrin Radd making his debut in Thor: Love And Thunder are completely false. So, we should surely look at other options for the introduction of Silver Surfer in the MCU. It could happen in his own solo TV show or a movie. But a Silver Surfer project does feel a bit far-fetched considering that there’s a lot that the MCU has to handle for now. So, they cannot be doing an origin story for Norrin Radd as the Herald of Galactus until they introduce him and make him a familiar name amongst the general audience. And that’s why Silver Surfer has to make his debut in a different movie.

Silver Surfer could present a strong case for himself to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. James Gunn has wanted to use the character since Guardians Vol. 2 but recently he teased the fact that he has had conversations with Marvel about Silver Surfer in Vol. 3. But we have reason to believe that it wouldn’t happen in Vol. 3. James Gunn already has a handful of characters to be used. Moreover Nova has to make his debut sooner rather than later. His solo movie is supposed to be in development as of now, and that’s why there’s a stronger chance of him getting an appearance in Vol. 3. His debut is long due since the first Guardians movie anyway.

 Silver Surfer join the MCU

But talking about the Nova movie, We Got This Covered claims that it will also bring Silver Surfer into play. This makes total sense for us. Every cosmic movie is supposed to explore further corners of the cosmos. And that will account for Nova as well. It all lines up perfectly as Nova would first be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, then he will lay the groundwork for Silver Surfer to arrive, who could then get his own solo story, introducing us to his home world and Galactus.

Nova would show us how Richard Rider got access to the Nova Force after Thanos wrecked Xandar (again). And it will introduce Silver Surfer because, why not? Nova himself is an obscure character and even after getting an introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he still won’t be a strong enough property to hold his own solo film. So, a team up with Silver Surfer will allow Nova to have a marketing boost and may be even tell a strong story. You know what? Silver Surfer could actually be a villain against Nova. He could come in to help Galactus consume Xandar. It’d be so amazing and we’re all in for Silver Surfer in the Nova movie. What’s interesting is that a Nova movie could happen as soon as November 3, 2023. The MCU is all for throwing curveballs at us through their release schedules, and one of those curve balls could surely be Nova. Let’s see what happens.

 Silver Surfer join the MCU

Here’s the new release schedule of the MCU till July 8, 2022:

Black Widow – November 6, 2020

Eternals – February 12, 2021

Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings – May 7, 2021

Spider-Man 3 – July 16, 2021

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – November 5, 2021

Thor: Love And Thunder – February 18, 2022

Black Panther 2 – May 6, 2022

Captain Marvel 2 – July 8, 2022

The following 7 Disney+ series will also be placed between these films – The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight & She-Hulk.

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