Avengers 4 : Here’s The Stunning Connection Between Adam Warlock And The Soul Stone

Starting from 27th April 2017 we will enter the final part of phase three of the Marvel cinematic universe. The final lump sum of movies yet to be released are Infinity War, Ant-man and Wasp, Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. Fans speculate that the third Avengers movie (infinity war) will just be a collection of clips of Thanos coming for the infinity stones and the Marvel cinematic universe’s heroes trying I vain to stop him. The only reason the studio has chosen to release infinity war in two parts with Avengers 3 & 4 is so that they can establish Thanos’ supremacy over the Avengers and the guardians of the galaxy.

This mashup of movies will start with Avengers 3 infinity war portraying an unstoppable Thanos trying to gain control over all of the infinity gems. With the latest posters, we also see that the cast of the movie has been separated into teams of three or four and color coordinated with the infinity stones. This represents the struggle the Avengers will go through to prevent Thanos.

It seems the movie will set the premise by either sending Gamora to earth to warn the heroes that Thanos is coming for the stones or sending an iron man to the guardians. “As long as I have known him, he has had only one wish, to end half of all life in the universe,” Gamora warns in the trailer. A hint at the infinity war comic event where Thanos actually does end half of all life in the creation and then the Avengers rally against an infinity gauntlet powered Thanos. The leader of this futile resistance? Adam Warlock.


Adam Warlock was a perfectly logical being created by people who wanted to shape the world into their logical way of thinking. The society (evil cult) that created Adam Warlock had a quick death at the hands of comic writers. The character himself, however, played quite well with the audience. Perhaps this was the reason why the writers chose him to be the leader of the Avengers group that goes against Thanos and the power of the universe.

Warlock was the mastermind, at least in the comics, who co-ordinated avengers into an attack even when they were already defeated. When hope was scarce and the battle, lost. In the comics when Adam Warlock was distanced from his origins he went on a trip through the universe and eventually upgraded himself into a cosmic being, or someone who possessed an immense connection to the power cosmic.

This allowed the android to mastermind a plan against the Mad Titan, with captain America taking point on the ground and Doctor Strange using his portals to transport superheroes from place to place. So that forces are mobile and lethal. It is not inconceivable to imagine this happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans might even suggest that the after credits scene of Avengers is infinity war will relate to the existence of Adam Warlock.

But how will the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduce such a being? How do they throw such an important character in the audience’s face and make it seem obvious without setting any backstory during the movie? Unless the Marvel cinematic universe has already given us some backstory in this regard. Perfectly logical beings. Have we heard of anything like this existing in the cinematic universe?

Of course!? The sovereign race from Guardians of the Galaxy 2!!

The sovereigns are a race of perfectly logical beings that exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they acted as the catalyst that Yondu needed to go after Peter Quill and the Guardians. These sovereigns are all we need to connect our theory to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is possible that when Thanos becomes too powerful, endowed with the power of creation itself, the sovereigns unveil their ultimate weapon in the way of Adam Warlock. A being capable of leading a change on the Mad Titan.


Short answer? Our heroes get their butts spanked by the tyrant of the dark quadrant, no matter what the Avengers, Adam Warlock, or the Guardians tried, none of it was enough to take down Thanos.

He was just too powerful with the infinity gauntlet on his palm and Lady death by his side. The Mad Titan reigned supreme on the battlefields, defeating everything the heroes threw at them. The men cowered in fear as the Mad Titan battled with the power of creation his fingertips.

He dismantled the heroes offense and then threaten to end them with every move. The very idea that the Avengers tried to fight back shows us how determined these men and women were. But it was futile. Like Thanos says, “Destiny always arrives”. The Mad Titan, with all his power rules beside his love and the Avengers were an eyesore in front of their thrones. This is what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is building towards. A final battle where the good guys lose, where the last stand fails, where we end. So the question remains.


If Even Adams Warlock is destined to fail in Avengers 4, then who in all creation defeats Thanos? It seems morbidly obvious that it can’t be a new character, and it is not someone on our side because Thanos has killed everyone, who could it be?

It would have to be someone who is extremely close to Thanos. Lady Death, perhaps. But why would she try to kill a creature that is subservient to her every need? Someone from the black order? Unlikely, the black order has always been loyal to Thanos and it is hardly a bad life when you’re the general to the most powerful entities in the universe. Who then? The answer has always been right in front your eyes dear fans. The answer is Thanos’ own daughter. No, not Gamora. But Nebula. The theory suggests that after Thanos has defeated all those who would oppose him, Nebula stands beside him.

Perhaps finally victorious against Gamora, the daughter of Thanos finally gains the respect of his now all-powerful adoptive father. However, everything that Nebula presents to Thanos is nothing but a beautiful lie. Fans theorize like Thanos’ hubris will be his undoing. His overconfidence will give Nebula a chance to sieze the Infinity Gauntlet and overpower Thanos.

Perhaps the daughter of Thanos will sacrifice herself to reset reality, restoring the life of all the beings who lost theirs during the events of the two films or perhaps her inadequacy in wilding the gauntlet may cause the reality of the Marvel cinematic universe to be reset hence Sethi g the stage for phase 4.


I will not speculate on the location of the soul stone in the Marvel Cinematic universe, that is a futile discussion that has already been done a million times on the internet. There are other better places to look for a soul stone than in this article. However, I do want to discuss where the soul stone will end up after the infinity war concludes in Avengers 4.

Fans speculate that when the infinity watch is established at the conclusion of the infinity war, Adam Warlock will be the one entrusted with the soul art one. Perhaps just like the mind stone gives sentience to the vision, the soul stone will help Adam Warlock to realize what it truly means to be alive. The stone may act as the very souls of Adam Warlock. It may as well be entrusted to the character as a way to distribute the power of the infinity stones after they have been taken from the Mad Titan.

avengers 4

The purpose of the soul stone being to simulate life to Adam Warlock. It’d be a fitting end to the character arc of the character within Avengers 4 itself. To be introduced as someone who works only on logic and not on the spirit. Someone who is challenged by the heroes to utilize his spirit, his soul along with his mind. A being who has no soul being awarded one when he aids in saving the universe. Sounds like religious propaganda, but the story arc will be complete, and the story has enough material for the fans to enjoy and for the filmmakers to formulated a diverse and interesting movie with enough action and conflict.

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