Theory Proves How J. Jonah Jameson Was Selling Peter’s Spider-Man Photos

Today, Reddit has brought us something from our golden past of Spider-Man movies. We’ve got some evidence upon how J. Jonah Jameson was a very self-centered character who only cared about the profits of his company and not anyone else. He constantly ripped Peter off by paying him an extremely low salary, and now we’ve got a bit more explanation upon the kind of man he was.

Reddit user u/yearsagotheytriedt has given us a theory which states a clear fact about J. Jonah Jameson. In Spider-Man 2002, there was an instance where he was attacked by the Green Goblin. The villain asked the loud mouthed journalist to tell him who takes Spidey’s pictures for the Bugle. Right before this scene, Peter Parker had just finished his argument and was not far away from Jameson and the Green Goblin. But Jameson didn’t give Peter away. Instead, he just told Goblin that the photos always came from the mail and he doesn’t know who the real source is.

J. Jonah Jameson Was Selling Peter’s Spider-Man Photos

This led people to believe that even though Jameson was kinda unfair and someone who we wouldn’t like to have as our boss, he still had journalistic and moral integrity to not give his source away. But the latest Reddit theory sort of proves that J. Jonah Jameson’s intentions weren’t all noble. He didn’t give Peter Parker away because he was profiting a lot from the kid. The profit wasn’t just from more people buying the Daily Bugle Newspaper, but it was also from the exclusive Spider-Man photos that Peter Parker sold to Jameson as a freelancer. The theory claims that JJ also sold these photos off to other newspaper companies since there was no one else who was actually able to get good photos of Spider-Man. The theory states:

“It’s clear from the Spider Man 1 that Peter is the only one that would be able to take the cinematic, high quality photos he supplies to the Daily Bugle. However, let’s look here at the many publications showcasing these sorts of photos in Spider Man 3:

Where did these publications get the right to publish these photos? As far as we know, Peter doesn’t sell his photos to anyone except The Daily Bugle – part of the reason he’s so poor all of the time, with JJ consistently low-balling him. Therefore, it makes sense that these other publications could not have got the photos from anyone except The Daily Bugle i.e J Jonah Jameson.

J. Jonah Jameson Was Selling Peter’s Spider-Man Photos 

We can also assume that Peter regularly brings in batches of photos, for which JJ will pay a lump sum for, as is evidenced by his first encounter with JJ in Spider-Man 1. Now JJ could save them for another day and use them then. Or he could sell them to the highest bidder, all of whom would have zero access to high quality photos of Spider-Man. And given how little money he manages to goad Peter into accepting, it would not be surprising to see Peter coming in very regularly through sheer necessity. JJ probably has a whole stash of unused Spider-Man photos after years of Peter’s freelancing.

When the Green Goblin asks JJ who takes the picture and JJ responds with ignorance, it’s not from any kind of integrity – it’s because he realizes that if Peter is exposed he loses his cash cow in the form of Spider-Man photos. He holds a monopoly in the market and I imagine he’d do a lot to keep it that way.”

J. Jonah Jameson Was Selling Peter’s Spider-Man Photos

So, this theory could prove J. Jonah Jameson to be sort of as an antagonist and not the protagonist. Even though he thinks Spider-Man is a menace, he is still profiting off of the hero. And even now in the MCU, his website is the one that brings the news about Spider-Man forward. will become a majorly popular website after outing the fact that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Let’s see where else it will show up in the MCU & SPUMC. We’re looking forward to seeing more of JK Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson.

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