Midnight Sons Coming To MCU With A Major New Female Bad-ass Hero

Midnight Sons Coming To MCU:

Multiple Superhero teams are being set up for Marvel’s massive future. We will obviously continue to get solo projects, but the ultimate goal is to fit characters in certain different teams since The Avengers just cannot fit all the Superheroes. So Marvel is coming up with multiple teams, and one such team-up that will certainly be a thing in Phase 5 & beyond is the Midnight Sons.

This was formed by Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider. Since we’ve heard major rumors suggesting that Ghost Rider will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is possible that these two heroes will end up forming the team in the MCU as well. But here, we know for a fact that Doctor Strange has to play a major role in the future Avengers films as well, so there’s a chance that he might not take an active part in this particular team.

Midnight Sons Coming To MCU Female Bad-ass Hero

The Midnight sons basically fight Supernatural threats. And apart from Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider, we already know of two other characters who will be joining this particular team. Marvel has already announced solo projects for Blade and Moon Knight. But rumor has it that they will also crossover with each other in their film & Disney+ series. So it is their team-up that might lead to the formation of the Midnight Sons.

Midnight Sons Coming To MCU Female Bad-ass Hero

This means we have 3 major characters of the Midnight Sons in the team (barring Doctor Strange). But it is certain that there is more to join. If Marvel doesn’t do a “Defenders” project, then there is a chance that the likes of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist could also join the Midnight Sons. The Punisher is another suitable candidate for this team of anti-heroes. But since the Netflix stipulation period is not over yet, let’s not talk about the Marvel Netflix character for now.

According to a recent update, the 4th character of the Midnight Sons is rather said to be a female. It is KC Walsh from Geeks Worldwide who has stated that he saw the name of Elsa Bloodstone along with the likes of Blade and Moon Knight. Furthermore, it has also been stated that Bloodstone might appear in the SPUMC movies connecting the likes of Morbius with Blade and others from the MCU. The Sony part of this update will only depend upon the kind of deal that Marvel has made with Sony regarding Spider-Man, but the first part of this update could surely be true.

Midnight Sons Coming To MCU Female Bad-ass Hero

Elsa could very well be making her debut in the Blade movie or the Moon Knight TV series and she is the perfect number 4 to join the Midnight Sons. For those of you who don’t really know about the character, Elsa is the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone. She is a young monster hunter who’s been known to work with the likes of Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula to defeat the forces of darkness. This kind of character should logically end up with the likes of Ghost Rider and the other supernatural Monster hunters. Her powers are superhuman strength, stamina, agility and healing. She even has mystical capabilities and is master at marksmanship. Let’s see where she pops up in the MCU.

Apart from the Midnight Sons, the other teams that Marvel is setting up are the Eternals, Young Avengers, Power Pack,  Thunderbolts, Annihilators, New Avengers, Fantastic Four, and obviously, the X-Men. These teams will range from Earth to the various factions of the cosmos. It’d be exciting to see how Marvel tackles all of these teams together in their massively established shared Universe.

Don’t expect the Midnight Sons to happen anytime soon. It might not even happen in a movie, but rather in a Disney+ TV show. But it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel handles such a dark horrific storyline in a PG-13 setup.

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