The Batman Timeline Revealed. It Disproves Major Rumors About DCEU & Joker

Batman Timeline:

The Batman has only been shot 25% till now. So there’s a lot of filming left to be done. Matt Reeves has been working hard on the project for over 2 years and so, it has to be a really awesome Batman movie. He wants his Batman to stand out on his own and have a distinct flair compared to the others. So that’s why, Robert Pattinson’s Batman won’t even be bulked up as the actor himself has admitted that he won’t follow a strict work out regiment to get into the so called “Batman shape.” This version of Batman will be a masterful fighter & a detective. Matt Reeves is going for a noir real worldly approach set in the present day.

Batman Timeline Major Rumors About DCEU & Joker

Yes, this Batman movie will be set in the year 2021 as Reeves himself has confirmed this. So, anyone who thought that The Batman is somewhat of a prequel to Ben Affleck’s Batman could put their imagination to rest. The Batman being in 2021 will put this movie after Justice League in the timeline, so there is just no connection between Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. Pattinson will be in his first or second year as Batman. He will still be figuring things out unlike Ben Affleck’s Batman, who clearly had been fighting crime in Gotham for 20+ years.

Batman Timeline Major Rumors About DCEU & Joker

There was another theory that suggested that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne could be the same Bruce from the Joker movie. Well, the timeline of this film has put that theory to rest as well. Joker took place in 1981. In the comics, Bruce was 8 years old when his parents died and he took on the cape at the age of 26. So, even if that happens in the movies as well, Bruce would become Batman in 1999 or in 2000 depending upon the number of years WB would want to give Bruce Wayne to become Batman in the Joker franchise. Robert Pattinson just cannot be the Batman in the Joker franchise unless WB wants their Batman to start off around the age of 48, and then have him fight a Joker that’s around 70 years old. That would be crazy. So no, The Batman & Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker aren’t connected.

There’s also a theory going around which states that The Flash movie could actually bring Robert Pattinson’s Batman into the DCEU either through the Multiverse or through timeline changes. Well, let me tell you why that won’t be the case either. Matt Reeves always wanted to do a film that independent of any other franchise. So that itself should be enough for us to believe that this version of Batman won’t ever come across anyone from the DCEU. Furthermore, if WB wanted to have a Batman in the DCEU, then they wouldn’t have deserted Ben Affleck’s Batman project. They would’ve used him for a cameo in Birds of Prey & maybe even James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman is based on a very real worldly approach. His and his cowl clearly look like something Bruce Wayne himself assembled and stitched himself at his home. The Bat mobile is an enhanced Mustang. The Bat-cycle is not some fancy motorcycle loaded with weapons. It is just a motorbike with a Bat front. Robert Pattinson’s Batman won’t even be as bulky and strong as Ben Affleck’s. He’s be much more or a stealthy Ninja version of the character. This upcoming version of Batman is not being designed as someone who would fit in a world of fiction where Batman has to go up against villains like Doomsday, Steppenwolf or Darkseid. So he could never join the DCEU.

Batman Timeline Major Rumors About DCEU & Joker

This Batman is going to be very grounded and gritty. Everything in this story is being constructed as if it could actually happen in the real world. Don’t expect Pattinson to interact with any of the Justice League members in future films. Expect his own standalone trilogy that will bring forward the Bat Family instead. The Batman arrives on October 1, 2021.

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