10 Awesome Movies That Definitely Deserve a Sequel

Movies Deserve a Sequel:

We are living in an era of Franchise-Building. For far too long we have seen sequels that have zero sense and are created just for the purpose of earning big bucks at the box office. If the movie industry is so hell-bent on making sequels, then why not make sequels of movies that the fans actually love and would like to explore more?

#1: Wanted (2008)

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There is no rational explanation behind the fact that this movie doesn’t have a sequel. It has a spectacular cast, it made millions at the box office, the fans absolutely love it and it has one of the most unique storylines. James McAvoy has risen as a superstar in the past decade and he has proved that he has the chops to carry a movie by himself.

#2: Looper (2012)

Movies Deserve a Sequel

Looper is an amazing Science-Fiction movie with a superb concept. To present Time travel in such a detailed and complex manner without compromising the entertainment value is a big achievement for Looper. We were left with a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the movie and it should be explored in a sequel.

#3: Dredd (2012)

Movies Deserve a Sequel

If you like to watch comic-accurate movies, then you just can’t miss Dredd. The movie does not waste any time on exposition and gets straight to the point, without shying away from extreme violence. Fans are eager to watch Judge Dredd’s story as there is a lot to explore. Karl Urban is still perfect to reprise the role which makes it a perfect opportunity.

#4: District 9 (2009)

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District 9 is a cult classic and people still talk about this movie. It is a very realistic and gritty movie about aliens and people love it for its uniqueness. The reason why this movie deserves a sequel is due to its ending. It ended on an epic cliff-hanger and we have been waiting for answers for over a decade now.

#5: Hancock (2008)

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Hancock released before the superhero genre skyrocketed in terms of popularity, and even though it broke records at the box office, the sequel never happened which is just surprising. Now is the perfect time for a sequel as the fans are eager to watch a good superhero movie that is not made by Marvel or DC.

#6: Serenity (2005)

It was very unfortunate when Firefly was canceled, as it is one of the best Sci-fi shows that ended prematurely. But the fans were overjoyed when they heard about Serenity, and it delivered on every aspect. It has been 15 years and the fans still hope for a sequel as this story and its characters are very close to our hearts.

#7: Se7en (1995)

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Se7en is an incredibly grim and gritty movie based on a serial killer, packed with an amazing cast. Towards the end of the movie, a lot of shocking events transpired and left us flustered. It would be awesome to see what happened with the characters after the movie ended. There is no dearth of fictional serial killers, so they can have a new villain, or perhaps a Copycat of the original.

#8: TRON: Legacy (2010)

Tron is a visually gorgeous franchise that debuted three decades ago, and the second installment, Tron: Legacy rocked at the box office. Recently, the director of this movie, Joseph Kosinski hinted that there might be a third Tron movie after all. Given that Disney is at the top of the industry, a Tron sequel could be and should be a reality very soon.

#9: Source Code (2011)

There are hardly any other Science-Fiction movies like Source Code that respects its audience by telling an intelligent story. Given that there are only a few good sci-fi movie franchises left, Source Code definitely deserves a shot at a Sequel. Jake Gyllenhaal is a superstar and the movie would be a sure-shot blockbuster.

#10: Drive (2011)

The movie Drive introduced us to one of the most intriguing characters played by Ryan Gosling. We hardly have any information about the protagonist of this movie. It would be awesome if the sequel helps us in reducing the mystery surrounding such an awesome character. There are still a lot of unexplained and mysterious elements that surround this movie, making it perfect for a sequel.

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