Marvel Superhero Who Could Replace Captain America as The New Leader of Avengers

Marvel Superhero Replace Captain America :

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to usher in a new era. Phase 4 will see a lot of changes being introduced to the shared Superhero Universe. Most of the heavyweights of the Old Order are gone. Iron Man is dead. Thor has left for greener pastures. Captain America is retired. The leadership of the Avengers is now an empty throne. Given the fact that Earth will have no shortage of threats in the future, it needs the Avengers. And the Avengers need a leader. They need someone with charisma and the qualities to help them charge into battle and defeat their foes. Captain America did it and he did it effortlessly, with style. We have chosen some of our favorite heroes who could one day be to the Avengers that once Steve Rogers was.

Marvel Superhero Could Replace Captain America

Note: Let us be frank. When we say replace Captain America, we do not by any chance mean that side-line our beloved Cap. He was, is, and always will be irreplaceable. But with a heavy heart, we have to say that life moves on. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will keep moving forward with or without Steve Rogers. This list is to prepare us for the inevitable. As painful as it is to admit it, ladies and gentlemen – that is indeed the harsh truth.

 1. Black Panther

Most Powerful Kings DC Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe already has a King within its ranks. Black Panther was introduced during Captain America: Civil War and the superhero gained widespread popularity in months. His first solo movie, Black Panther, went on to win numerous accolades as well as hit the coveted 2 Billion US dollar mark at the International Box office. T’Challa has appeared in other Marvel movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. He is a born leader and a true Avenger.

Avengers: Infinity War Captain America Shield

Black Panther becoming the leader of the Avengers would also play well with the diversity card. The Avengers have had too many white actors play pivotal roles. All the founding members of the MCU’s Avengers were white. With Phase 4 and beyond, if Marvel could make sure that the leader of the Avengers is not just of African descent but also not even American in nationality, it will show a truly global outlook for the next generation of Avengers. Chadwick Boseman already has renewed his contract with the MCU and he is in for the long haul. Marvel could use him more efficiently if they gave him a leadership role in the movies.

 2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Well, she will most certainly not be our first choice for the role of the leader of the Avengers. Carol Danvers was exposed to mysterious energies radiating from the Space Stone and was thus able to attain amazing energy manipulation powers. She has helped save the Earth numerous times, including stopping Ronan the Accuser from bombing the Earth as well as fight Thanos head-on. Captain Marvel is powerful and only a few superheroes we could think of, like Thor and Doctor Strange, could match her strength in battle. She is also a soldier and has had a military experience like Captain America. She could be a possible replacement.

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The reason we choose not to make her our first choice to be the Avengers’ leader is pretty obvious. Captain Marvel has developed a loyal fan following that loves her but with time, the people who hate her know-it-all, goody-two-shoes attitude has also increased. Captain Marvel has had zero character development. Marvel always makes her look like she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and can do anything just because she is a woman. There are plenty of other female superheroes who have gone through hell to become the legends they are in the Marvel Universe. Gamora saw her entire race slaughtered by Thanos.

Scarlet Witch lost her family to war and then saw her brother being killed right in front of her eyes by Ultron. Captain Marvel acts like an obnoxious, spoilt brat most of the time that does not have any respect for the power she has in her hands. She also prefers being a lone wolf and had zero respect for the founding members of the Avengers. If you like us, we would personally say that she will make a terrible leader for the Avengers. But she does have the requisite skills in her resume.

 3. Falcon

Now, this is a man that was chosen personally by Captain America himself to take over his mantle. Falcon is of African American origin and he is an able soldier. He made his first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After that he became an all-weather ally of Captain America, helping him defy the government and fight Team Iron Man during Captain America: Civil War. He has also seen the action as an Avenger during the events of Avenger: Age of Ultron. He has enough battle experience to become a good leader for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Marvel Superhero Could Replace Captain America

What makes him even more unique is that he has always been a supporting character. Anthony Mackie has played the most expendable of supporting characters. But Captain America still chose him to carry on the Shield. He must have seen something in him that nobody else has as of yet. To be a true leader, you need to experience true loss. True Loss leads to failure. Failure leads to grief. And Grief is what teaches you humility. If you ask us, Falcon would be the best choice to be the leader of the Avengers. He even fulfills a much-needed diversity quota within the Avengers.

 4. Doctor Strange

Leader of Avengers

In a short span of just two years, Doctor Strange has become one of the most popular of the Earth’s Mightiest heroes. He is also the only Magic based superhero of the Avengers, which gives him a distinct advantage over the others.  His role as a sorcerer also gives him a new perspective and viewpoint in battle. He proved his mettle in combat and strategy when he fought Thanos head-on and was the only one who could foresee a strategy to defeat the Mad Titan. Like Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange commands a level of power that is envied by literally every other superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Superhero Could Replace Captain America

Doctor Stephen Strange was already an accomplished neurosurgeon before he became the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. He has the discipline and the will to make the hard choices as Captain America did. He has saved the universe countless times from destruction. And if push comes to shove, he is also ready to sacrifice his life countless times (Dormammu, I have come to bargain….) to ensure the people of Earth remain safe. He has the skill and the charisma which most of the other candidates lack in this list.

 5. Winter Soldier

Leader of Avengers

Bucky will not be our first choice for the role. But he certainly will not be our last resort. Amongst all the superheroes in our list, it is the Winter Soldier who has known Steve Rogers the most. He grew up with the man who would one day become the legendary Super Soldier Captain America. Bucky’s friendship has also influenced Steve Rogers, helping him become the man who always stood for what is right that he is today. Bucky has also been inspired by Captain America’s actions. His friend was a huge reason why Bucky joined the United States Army during World War Two to fight Nazi Germany.

Captain America Rightfully MCU’s Strongest Avenger

The Winter Soldier’s story is a path of redemption. He was a man that was led astray but he found his way back. After managing to find a way to stand back up on his two feet, he has learned some valuable lessons along the way. Now that the Avengers are faltering, he could impart those lessons to them and help lead the Avengers. The Winter Soldier is also a wonderful fighter and has even fought Captain America, whose close combat skills are the stuff of legends, to a standstill as seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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