The Last Easter Egg of Guardians of the Galaxy Has Finally Been Found

Guardians of the Galaxy: Last Easter Egg Found

James Gunn puts 100s of Easter Eggs in his Guardians of the Galaxy movies. It has been almost 6 years since Vol. 1 had hit the theatres. All of us know how important that film has been for the MCU as it led the way for Thanos to arrive in Infinity War by connecting him with Gamora & Nebula. Gunn has been pretty open with his fans and he has told us in the past that there’s one important Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg which hasn’t been found yet. So many people have tried over the years and now it seems that someone has finally achieved what Gunn had hidden throughout Vol. 1.

New Rockstars is the one to predict this Easter Egg correctly and as you can see above, Gunn has actually congratulated them. In the past Gunn has been bluntly replied to people whether they have been right about their prediction or not. Youtuber Mastertainment came about 70% close to predicting this elaborate Easter Egg. He brought it down to the message hidden within the coordinates of various cosmic locations that were revealed in the movie.

 Last Easter Egg of Guardians of the Galaxy Found

If Gunn replied that this is 70% correct then the answer was always going to be related to Meredith Quill, Peter Quill’s mom. All the songs that Gunn has written into Guardians of the Galaxy are presented in a way where Quill’s mom is actually guiding Peter through his MCU journey by singing those songs to him. Think of the Walkman as Quill’s mom. Mummy Quill motivated Peter for the dance off that saved Xandar from Ronan by singing the sacred lyrics – “oooh child things are gonna get easier, oooh child things will get brighter.” This will be continued later.

 Last Easter Egg of Guardians of the Galaxy Found

Now comes another theory that is about Knowhere. Since Knowhere is the head of a dead Celestial, it is believed that it once stored Ego’s brain. So basically, it was Ego at some point of time. Peter Quill and Gamora were seen sharing a moment in what is actually presumed to be the eye of Knowhere/Ego. This is when Peter shared his mom’s mix tape with Gamora. And on the other side was deep space, Eternity.

Focus on the background of this scene. What we’re getting at is the fact that just like Peter was the spawn of Ego, he is also the spawn of Eternity. Peter’s mom Meredith Quill, as predicted by New Rockstars is actually Eternity herself. So, Peter is actually the son of a mixed ancient cosmic hybrid – Ego a Celestial & Eternity.

A little backstory on Eternity – she is one of the oldest beings in the galaxy, as everything that exist in the Galaxy is a part of her. She is the embodiment of the Multiverse itself. What you see above is an art that was seen in Morag’s temple where Peter Quill stole the Power Stone from. So, Eternity was one of the 4 beings that forged the Infinity Stones in the MCU. And we got very close to seeing Eternity in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as we saw a glimpse of her through Peter Quill’s eyes. In fact, right when Quill said Eternity, a white light shined in his eyes.

 Last Easter Egg of Guardians of the Galaxy Found

We’ve been searching for the answer to why it was just Peter Quill who possessed the celestial light and none of the other offspring of Ego. That’s because Quill is the son of Eternity as well. Just like Ego created a human body for himself, Eternity created one as Meredith Quill of Earth. Ego putting a tumor in Meredith Quill’s head was actually teasing the fact that Ego is the tumor in all eternity. He would’ve taken over all Eternity and killed her just like a tumor does to a human body.

One big evidence of Meredith being Eternity comes from the final act of Guardians of the Galaxy where Peter Quill holds the power stone. Firstly, he isn’t just able to hold the stone because he is the son of Ego, but also the son of Eternity. Second, when Gamora offers Peter to take her hand, he sees his mother whose hand he refused to take throughout his life. He sees his mother in a similar setting that was seen around Knowhere. That was hinting at the fact that Meredith indeed was Eternity. And, when Gamora & Quill were standing in Knowhere’s eye, it was like Ego & Eternity were watching them.

 Last Easter Egg of Guardians of the Galaxy Found

Since James Gunn has probably approved this theory by saying “Well Done Guys” to New Rockstars, we can now discuss the future of Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We know that he has lost his light powers from his dad’s side since Ego died in Vol. 2. But he could probably end up his powers from Eternity’s side. Why does he need to unlock those powers? It’s because Adam Warlock is going to arrive in Vol. 3. It is highly likely that Gunn won’t be bringing Thor into Vol. 3 since that would be too much to handle. None of the Guardians can actually handle Adam Warlock, not alone, not together. So, Quill getting a power upgrade from his mother, Eternity would be a nice way to allow a massive matchup between Star Lord & Adam Warlock. Let’s see if all of this turns out to be true.

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