Top 10 Worst Romantic Relationships in The MCU

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has developed itself to be the perfect entertainer, as they have it all in their movies – action, romance, comedy, drama, etc. We have seen a lot of relationships in the MCU, but just like their movies, not all of these relationships managed to impress the fans. It has a lot of amazing relationships, but some relationships failed to make that cut.

#10: Peter Quill and Gamora

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Marvel Fox

Peter and Gamora are a very good couple but we never really saw how they got there. The romance mostly happened off-screen and due to that a lot of fans are not invested in this relationship. Their relationship also had the most tragic ending, as Gamora was killed by Thanos before their relationship could develop more.

#9: Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne

Ant-Man and the Wasp 3 Into Disney+ Series

Fans do not have much to say about this relationship because we have seen relationships like this countless times in several movies. The main flaw in their relationship is that it was predictable. They do make a good couple, but not good enough to excite the fans immensely.

#8: Clint Barton and Laura Barton

Hawkeye’s and Laura’s relationship was a surprise for everyone and it was very random at that. They have a very sweet relationship, but we never really got to see their relationship properly. Laura had a very brief role in the Age of Ultron, and after that we hardly see her. Their relationship was only used as a plot-point.

#7: Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

Rachel McAdams is a fabulous actress and Marvel ruined a perfect opportunity to use the character to its fullest potential. Stephen Strange discarded Christine several times, but her character was reintroduced into the plot whenever it was necessary. Christine’s character should have been more substantial in the movie.

#6: Bruce Banner and Betty Ross

Marvel completely forgot about this relationship after the movie The Incredible Hulk and it is very frustrating for fans who value continuity. Even though General Ross makes a reappearance in the MCU, his daughter Betty is not at all mentioned. Regardless of that, Betty did not add much to the story, she was only type-cast as the love-interest of the protagonist.

#5: Vision and Wanda Maximoff

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

Vision and Wanda are a popular couple in the comic books but their relationship was not handled as properly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their relationship was not given enough screen-time to develop and it happened mostly off-screen. Let’s just hope their relationship is deeply explored in the upcoming Marvel show.

#4: Peter Parker and Liz Toomes

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

No one cared about this relationship because we knew it was just a temporary relationship from the start. Marvel paired them just to drop that plot-twist in Spider-Man Homecoming. Their relationship became even more irrelevant after MJ’s appearance and fans instantly knew Peter would ultimately end up with her.

#3: Thor and Jane Foster

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

Everyone wanted this relationship to succeed more than it actually did. Natalie Portman’s exit did not help one bit. After the first two Thor movies, Marvel was out of ideas as to what to do next. Now that Jane Foster is confirmed for the next Thor movie, we hope Marvel rectifies their mistake and give us the relationship we want to see.

#2: Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

There is not a single Marvel fan who can explain why was this relationship incorporated in the MCU and on top of that they drop the relationship as soon as they start building it. Natasha had better chemistry with Steve Rogers and even Hawkeye, but not Bruce Banner. It felt forced, and the fans did not appreciate it one bit.

#1: Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter

Avengers: Endgame Steve Rogers Sharon Carter

Steve Rogers has one of the best romantic relationships in the MCU, but not with Sharon Carter, instead it was with her great aunt, Peggy Carter. The worst part came when Steve knew about Sharon’s relationship with Peggy and went on with the relationship. Even their ending was ambiguous, as no one knew what happened between them.

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