New MCU Theory Suggests That Captain Marvel & Peter Quill Have Dated

Both Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel had certain events that happened in the 80s and the 90s. Even though Guardians of the Galaxy took place largely in 2014 and Captain Marvel largely in 1995, we still know that there are more than 2 decades worth of adventures that the prime heroes of both the films have experienced during the time that they were off-screen. Since Captain Marvel is a prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, and she leaves spends most of her time in space, there could be a possibility that any of the Guardians could have come in contact with her at some point of time.

Captain Marvel Peter Quill MCU

We’re led to presume that there are a lot of planets all across the Galaxy and Captain Marvel probably did not come across the Guardians, or perhaps any other space-based characters apart from the Kree. The first movie ended in a way that surely led us to believe that Captain Marvel will have another encounter with the Kree. She sent Ronan and Yon Rogg back with warnings and we have to believe that we will see Ronan & Yon Rogg return in Captain Marvel 2.

Captain Marvel Peter Quill MCU

But there’s a new theory out there which suggests that Captain Marvel actually had an encounter with the leader of the Guardians. The Ravagers would have certainly covered a lot of planets being the space pirates and before becoming a Guardian, Quill hung out with them for almost 26 years. Now if we were to imagine any possibility, we could believe that Carol Danvers and Peter Quill could have met in the past.

Captain Marvel Peter Quill MCU

Reddit user Alexandrite1234 actually suggests that their meeting was more than just a one-off encounter. He wrote:

“In Guardians of The Galaxy, Quill mentions a Kree girl he used to date who tried to rip out his thorax.

In Captain Marvel, we see there are some Troll Dolls in Mar-Vell’s lab.

In Guardians of The Galaxy, Quill uses a Troll Doll to trick Yondu into thinking it’s the Power Stone.

Captain Marvel Peter Quill MCU

Captain Marvel has had lots of off screen space adventures after the events of her movie, and there’s a 20 year gap between Peter being abducted and the events of the first Guardians film. Both these characters have a massive period of time in which a lot could’ve happened. Whose to say they never crossed paths within that timeframe?

What if Carol is the Kree girl Quill says he dated (She has Kree blood, anyways), and she gave him the Troll Doll he used to trick Yondu, which she got from Mar-Vell’s lab?”

Captain Marvel Peter Quill MCU

The connection that this user has made does seem a bit far or a stretch, but it will still seem pretty cool if these two MCU leaders met at a certain point in the past. Captain Marvel could surely be someone who could rip out a thorax. But this theory probably will not work as we would have to assume Carol as a Kree Girl, but it’s surely funny to think about. Full marks to the Redditor to actually have made the connection using just Troll Dolls. It would actually be amazing to see Peter Quill make a cameo in Captain Marvel 2.

Captain Marvel Peter Quill MCU

While every other hero in the MCU has a love interest, Carol D hasn’t got one yet. Although, Avengers: Endgame could have surely set one for the future in the name of James Rhodes aka Rhodey aka War Machine. It is a thing in the comics, and it could surely give Rhodey an interesting story arc in the future. He was kept alive by the end of Endgame, and this may very well be the reason for it. Rhodey could appear in future Captain Marvel movies, and finally, get to do something more significant. But this obviously won’t mean that he will get out of playing second fiddle in the MCU!

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