MCU Phase 4 Will Set Up Mutants, Fantastic Four, Inhumans & So Much More

MCU Phase 4 Set Up Mutants, Fantastic Four & Inhumans:

Phase 3 of gave us the conclusion to the stories set up in Phase 1 & 2, but those setups weren’t as elaborate as what is yet to come. Phase 1 managed to assemble just 6 heroes, and Phase 2 only added a few more. But it was really Phase 3 that brought dozens of heroes together. MCU Phase 4 is the first phase which won’t include and Avengers film, and still, it is going to double the number of heroes that have arrived and gone till now. Moreover, it’ll actually set up the arrival of even more heroes & villains within 2 years. Here’s every faction of heroes & villains (apart from the New Avengers) coming to the MCU in the next two years:


We thought that the X-Men won’t arrive until Phase 5 or Phase 6. Well, an X-Men movie isn’t going to happen till then because Kevin Feige and co are going to build up to that. We will get to see mutants right from the start of Phase 4. Meaning Mutants existed on earth even before Infinity War. Black Widow will introduce the Russian mutant Ursa Major. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will take us to Madripoor (a mutant location) and it will also bring in Omega Red. Eternals might show us the origin of mutants (through Apocalypse) as well. WandaVision might prove Scarlet Witch to be a mutant. Doctor Strange could have a Deadpool cameo. Then Phase 5 will take this further by showing us a Deadpool film, Rogue in Captain Marvel 2 & probably Storm in Black Panther 2.

Eternals & Deviants

MCU Phase 4 Set Up Mutants Fantastic Four Inhumans

Eternals will bring together two new races of super-powered people – Eternals and Deviants. This is where the ancient mythology of the MCU will be revealed. We will get the answer to how everything came to be and what we could expect next.


Eternals Plot Details

The Celestials will finally reveal themselves in Eternals. They are the ones who have been shaping the Universe for centuries, and finally, they will begin their intervention once more. Eternals will not only expand upon the past and the future of Earth, but the involvement of the Celestials will also open up the cosmos wide open.

The Fantastic Four  

We’re not certain whether any of the Fantastic Four members will be making a cameo through Phase 4. Perhaps Reed Richards could show up in Doctor Strange 2 or Spider-Man 3, but obviously those are just rumors. What we are certain of is that Fantastic Four related characters will be set up. WandaVision is said to feature Doomstadt (Victor Von Doom’s place of origin). Moreover, Silver Surfer is said to cameo. If he does, then Galactus is not far behind.


MCU Phase 4 Set Up Mutants Fantastic Four Inhumans

For those uninitiated, SWORD stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Department. In the comics, the regular cosmic threats upon Earth lead SHIELD to create a new sister branch called SWORD. It is led by a character named Abigail Brand in the books. Monica Rambeau’s superhero origin will be set up in WandaVision as she is going to play an agent of SWORD on the show.


MCU’s version of Atlantis will finally be set up in Phase 4. Eternals could tease a bit of history for Atlantis, but it is almost certain that Namor is going to make a cameo in Doctor Strange 2. So, here’s another kind of people existent on Earth that haven’t shown themselves till now.

Young Avengers

MCU Phase 4 Set Up Mutants Fantastic Four Inhumans

Almost every member of the Young Avengers will show up in Phase 4 itself. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will bring in Eli “Elijah” Bradley aka Patriot. WandaVision is confirmed to bring Wiccan & Speed. Further rumors suggest that we will also see Hulkling through SWORD in WandaVision. Loki & Thor: Love And Thunder could lead us to Kid Loki. Doctor Strange 2 will bring America Chavez. Then there’s Ms. Marvel herself coming on her own show (although she may or may not join the Young Avengers). The Hawkeye series will introduce us to Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. The final member of Young Avengers will arrive in Phase 5 as Ant-Man and the Wasp 3 will bring us Cassie Lang’s superhero persona, Stinger/Stature.


The Ms. Marvel series will lead us to the origin of the Inhumans in the MCU. Ms. Marvel herself is an Inhuman, so we could get to see a set up for the bigger Inhuman names like Blackbolt. Furthermore, if Doctor Strange ends up forming the Illuminati, then an appearance from Blackbolt is more or less confirmed already!

Thunderbolts vs. Villains

MCU Phase 4 Set Up Mutants Fantastic Four Inhumans

Phase 4 is going out of its way to really give a major importance to the villains. Black Widow is bringing back AIM, which could lead us to the villainous MODOK. And it will also start to set up Thunderbolts with Secretary Ross & Taskmaster. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will continue the Thunderbolts set up as Zemo is said to become a part of the team, and the likes of Ghost is also presumed to appear in the series. The She-Hulk would be the final stepping stone for the Thunderbolts, bringing in Red Hulk, the Abomination & probably even the Leader. Shang-Chi will show us the Real Mandarin and WandaVision is rumored to bring back Ultron. So we reckon that the Thunderbolts will team up to fight the big bad villains – MODOK, the Leader, the Mandarin, and Ultron.

We haven’t even included villains like Kang and the Sinister Six here, which will also arrive in Phase 4 itself. Just hope that Coronavirus doesn’t delay Phase 4 films and shows because so much awesomeness awaits us.

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