Eternals Plot Leak Reveals the Individual Powers of All Eternals

The first Eternals movie trailer should be coming in about a month. Marvel will have to market this film really well because people aren’t familiar with the characters. In the comics, all the Eternals had similar basic powers with one unique enhancement. Every one of those had superhuman strength, durability, etc. but taking the example of Makkari, he has a bonus power of super speed which no Eternal hero has. Now, a new Eternals plot leak has revealed that in the upcoming film, the Eternals will not have all the basic powers from the comics, but they will have their unique abilities that will distinguish them from each other.

Eternals Plot Details
Eternals Plot Details

A plot leak from 4Chan has revealed many key details about the upcoming movie. Plot leaks for Endgame & Infinity War surfaced on 4Chan previously and they turned out to be true. Recently, one came with the details of Black Widow, and ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’. Those seem legit as well. The one for Eternals came out 5 months ago, and some of the details from this leak have been confirmed by actor Kumail Nanjiani. So that’s our evidence for this leak to be true.

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed
Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

Obviously, potential Spoilers follow. Don’t read if you don’t wanna know.

Let’s get into the leak:

– The Eternals are a group of super powered immortal alien warriors created by the cosmic engineers known as “Celestials” and sent to Earth to protect humankind from the Deviants, monstrous creatures also created by the Celestials that have gone rogue.

– The Eternals arrived on Earth in ancient times and lived among humans throughout the centuries, always keeping their true nature a secret.

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This we already knew. What we didn’t know is that in the MCU version of the Eternals, they are not allowed to have kids. They are 1000s of years old but cannot have kids, especially with humans. Now let’s take a look at the characters and their individual powers.


Eternals Plot Leak Individual Powers of Eternals

– Sersi (Gemma Chan) is the Eternals’ spy and has psychic powers. Her mission is to protect their secret, but she enjoys living among humans and wishes her family could reveal their existence to the world.

This is pretty comic accurate as Sersi is a rebellious character. She likes to spend time with the humans even though it is forbidden in the Eternals culture. She & Black Knight will be the main characters in the film as the movie will feature a relationship between them. That brings us to the next character.

Black Knight

Eternals Plot Leak Individual Powers of Eternals

Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) is an archaeologist who learns about the Eternals. Sersi is sent to erase his memories, but they instead fall in love, leaving Sersi divided between Whitman and her family.

Black Knight will be established as one of the biggest new comer and will be joining the Avengers in the future.


Eternals Plot Leak Individual Powers of Eternals

Ajak (Salma Hayek) is the leader of the Eternals and has healing powers. She regards the Eternals as her family, particularly because they are not allowed to have children of their own.

In the comics, Ajak is a male, but here we’ll see her portrayed as a female. She will be very protective of her Eternals family, and we might see her at odds with Sersi.


Eternals Plot Leak Individual Powers of Eternals

Ikaris (Richard Madden) is the mightiest of the Eternals and can manipulate cosmic energy. He is loyal and protective of his family, and fiercely devoted to their mission.

We’d love to see a solo action sequence involving Ikaris, especially with the heat vision and everything.


Angelina Jolie’s Thena Superhero Suit

Thena (Angelina Jolie) is deadliest of the Eternals and has superhuman reflexes. She is brash, rebellious and prone to breaking the rules, and carries a great secret.

Here’s Marvel’s real answer to Wonder Woman. The Eternals aren’t allowed to have children of their own, but Thena’s “great secret” could actually be the fact that Druig is her son.


Eternals Plot Leak Individual Powers of Eternals

Gilgamesh (Don Lee) is the strongest of the Eternals and has superhuman strength and endurance. He is sensitive and humorous despite his massive size, and cares deeply about the others.

Many people don’t know that with the kind of strength that Gilgamesh has, he could easily go toe to toe with the Hulk.


Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) is the Eternals’ scout and has superhuman speed. Her function is to travel the world storing knowledge about the humans and the planet. She is deaf-mute and communicates through sign language.

The major change to this character from the comics is that he is a male in the comics, and he isn’t dumb & deaf. But in the MCU, Makkari will be a female & Marvel’s first handicap superhero. We’d love to see some amazing speedster sequences in Eternals.


Eternals Plot Leak Individual Powers of Eternals

Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) is the Eternals’ wisecracking, fun-loving fighter. While the others have chosen to lead unassuming lives on Earth, Kingo has used his abilities to become a world famous Bollywood movie star.

Kumail Nanjiani recently confirmed this. He even went on to talk about the fact that we will see a Bollywood movie song & a dance number in Eternals. Get excited people of India because Marvel will give Bollywood its own recognition. We might even see some legit Bollywood stars make cameos in Eternals. Also, this is true to the comics as well. In the books, Kingo is a Japanese movie actor. But since Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani actor, he could pass as an Indian and is thus playing a Bollywood actor.


Phastos (Bryan Tyree Henry) is the Eternals’ inventor. He is the most rational of the group and was once very optimistic, but has since lost his faith in humanity. He is gay.

Recently it was confirmed that Phastos will be Marvel’s openly gay character. So this is even more evidence that this plot leak is quite legit.


Sprite (Lia McHugh) is the Eternals’ storyteller and can create illusions. Despite being permanently trapped in the body of a child, she maintains an upbeat demeanor.

Sprite is probably what Kid Loki would be like in the MCU. They’d really hit it off if Kid Loki ever gets to meet Sprite in the MCU.


Druig (Barry Keoghan) is the most dangerous of the Eternals and can control people’s minds, particularly their fears. Unlike the others, he despises humans and has his own plans.

Druig will be one of the villains in the film apart from the Deviants. Since we’ve theorized the fact that he is the son of Thena, people he doesn’t like his own kind a lot because he cannot come clean with the secret about his mother. And he despises humans because what they’ve done to their own kind over the years, killing each other, etc.

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

His motivations are explained further:

The movie will span thousands of years and explore how the Eternals influenced the history of the MCU before arriving in modern times, when Dane Whitman discovers the “Tomb of the Space Gods”, which is capable of summoning the Celestials to Earth to pass judgment on humankind.

The Eternals and the Deviants battle for control of the Tomb of the Space Gods, with Whitman caught in the crossfire. Unbeknownst to the Eternals, 

Druig is manipulating both sides to advance his own agenda.

Because Druig thinks that the humans are bad, he wants to call in the Celestials, who will judge the humans. Humans like Tony Stark caused Age of Ultron, etc. Dane Whitman will be the one to fight for the human kind. And Eternals will also emerge as the protectors of Earth, teaming up with Dane Whitman against the Celestials. The upcoming trailer of the movie could confirm some of these details. Let’s see what happens.

Eternals releases on November 6, 2020. Here’s the official Synopsis of Marvel’s Eternals:

“Marvel Studios’ The Eternals features an exciting new team of Super Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, The Deviants.”

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