7 Substantial Changes That Will Happen In The MCU After Avengers 4

The upcoming Avengers movies have created a lot of hype as they are said to be the culmination of all that has happened in the MCU till now. They are going to be the biggest movies of the MCU and will surely bring up changes moving forward to Phase 4. Here is a list of potential changes that could happen in the future.

New Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson would surely be alive after the 2 upcoming Avengers movies but his character doesn’t seem to be in the MCU post the two movies. He was one of the main reasons for the formation of the Avengers, but Civil War caused a rift among the Avengers, so Fury’s death could be the reason for the unification of the Avengers once again. Considering the death of the character, Maria Hill could take on the mantle for inspiring the new Avengers post the 2 movies.

Bring in Kang

After Thanos is defeated at the end of Phase 3, Phase 4 could bring in another Marvel’s Iconic Big Bad Kang. Kang is one of the Avengers’ most desperate and dangerous foes and would be a great addition to the MCU as Thanos’ place will surely have to be filled with another big villain.

New Avengers

After the contracts of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth will end post-Avengers 4 and consider their trilogies have already been over, this makes room for the new superheroes to take their place as the big guns of the earth’s Mightiest Heroes. A new Avengers team could be formed with the likes of Black Panther , Doctor Strange and Spiderman.

Introducing TV Show Heroes on the big screen

Until now Marvel has kept their Movie and TV divisions totally separate but fans have been asking for the TV superheroes to join the movie superheroes for a long time. If they do not show up in Avengers Infinity War and the 4th Avengers, Marvel would have a great opportunity to introduce them on the big screen after Avengers 4.

Heavily Feature Spiderman

Spiderman should have been a part of the MCU long before Civil War, but the case of the character’s rights had Marvel’s hands tied. Marvel is already hugely featuring Spiderman in Phase 3 with a solo movie along with 3 other appearances. Spiderman could be a key factor for Marvel in phase 4 considering his fandom and even more Spiderman appearances should be planned for him post Avengers 4.

Bring in more new characters

Marvel has successfully introduced so many characters within the MCU until now, but since the original big characters of the MCU like Iron Man, Captain America, etc. would soon be retiring, it would make room for even more new characters to get their own movies like, Namor, Hercules, etc.

Black Panther as the new Leader of Avengers


Black Panther is a character full of underused potential. But, with his own solo movie coming, and his appearances in the two upcoming Avengers movies would surely mark his dominance in the MCU. He has everything a leader should need and he already is the king of a country full of advanced technology. He is the richest character in the MCU and will be perfect as the one to lead the Avengers as he brings in a lot of experience and skills.

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