Top 10 Supporting Characters in Game of Thrones Who Deserved More Screen-Time

Supporting Characters in Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones will go down in history to be one of the biggest TV shows of all time. It had an amazing story and intense battle sequences but the best thing about the show was its amazingly written characters. Certain characters had a huge impact on the fans but unfortunately, we did not see enough of them.

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#10: Arthur Dayne

Regarded as the ‘Greatest Knight who ever lived’, Arthur Dayne was one of the fiercest warriors in the entire Westeros. Apart from being a great fighter, he was also a good man with high morals. In the entire series, we only see one short scene of Arthur Dayne and he managed to leave a lasting impact on the viewers.

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#9: Podrick Payne

Supporting Characters in Game of Thrones

Podrick made his on-screen debut in season 2 of Game of Thrones and even though he has made small appearances in subsequent seasons, we wanted more of him. His chemistry with Tyrion Lannister was amazing and their scenes were gold. His journey with Brienne was also very memorable. We are still curious about what he did to those girls.

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#8: Gendry Baratheon

Gendry was the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, who was unaware of his lineage for most of his life. He made a few appearances in the first 3 seasons of the show and after that, he disappeared, as if the writers forgot about him. He did reappear later but we feel that the writers could have utilized the character a lot better.

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#7: Beric Dondarrion

Beric Dondarrion was hands down one of the coolest and most mysterious characters in Game of Thrones. He banded with the Red Priest Thoros of Myr, and their journey was nothing short of awesome. He has died seven times and was resurrected six times and we have barely seen anything about his journey.

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#6: Hodor

Game of Thrones

The Gentle Giant Hodor had a very tragic story and that too because of someone else’s mistake. He was a loyal servant to the house stark and he carried the crippled Bran Stark. He was insanely strong and he died one of the saddest deaths in the entire show. The fans would have gone berserk if Bran had warged into Hodor in more scenes.

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#5: Lyanna Mormont

Supporting Characters in Game of Thrones

Lyanna Mormont was intended to be a ‘one-scene character’ but Bella Ramsay’s performance was so amazing that the makers decided to extend her role. Being a crazy Game of Thrones fans, we still do not believe that the beloved character got enough screen time. She went out in a blaze of glory and inspired a lot of fans with her bravery.

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#4: Olenna Tyrell

Smartest Game of Thrones

Olenna Tyrell was a master when it came to politics, plotting, and sarcasm. She was among the smartest characters in the show and no one could match her intelligence and wit. She managed to get rid of Joffrey Baratheon and that alone makes her a hero in our eyes. Even when she was staring death in the eye, she did not stop being a badass.

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#3: Jaqen H’ghar

Supporting Characters in Game of Thrones

Jaqen was a faceless assassin and no task was impossible for him. He could shapeshift into any appearance and used that as a perfect tool for assassination. He taught all his skills to Arya Stark and we still cannot understand why didn’t she use this power more. It would have been amazing to see Jaqen during the last arc, but the writers had no place for him.

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#2: Oberyn Martell

Most Skilled Warriors in Game of Thrones

The Red Viper of Dorne was one of the most skillful fighters around. He loved his sister Elia very much and harbored extreme hatred towards House Lannister for murdering her. He was only there for one season but he managed to impress everyone during that time. His last fight with Gregor Clegane was amazing and the fans were jumping in joy when he supposedly defeated him. If only he had a helmet!

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#1: The Night King

Supporting Characters in Game of Thrones

The legendary character and the First of the White Walkers, The Night King deserved a lot more than what he got. The makers hyped him to the extreme and he had a magnanimous presence. Even though he was against the heroes, the fans loved him more than those heroes. The writers completely butchered his character in the last season and they robbed us something extra-ordinary.

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