Shocking, but Bran Stark Could be the Real Villain in Game of Thrones

If you have scrolled through the internet and are an avid fan of Game of Thrones, by now you have read numerous theories pointing in numerous directions. One common theory that is making the round on the internet since the last season is the involvement of Bran Stark in the bad events happening on the show. Bran Stark is the third eyed raven now. Well, the show has got us really confused as one theory on the internet suggests that there is only one three eyed raven and the one that died in the cave last season was nobody other than a version of Bran. So how is this all possible?

We all know that Bran has the gift to warg into anyone. With Hodor’s death, we came to know that, he could warg into the past as well and change the events. During the epic Arthur Dayne (Tower of Joy) scene we saw, he could actually make his presence felt. Well, all this technically makes him the most powerful person on the show. Everyone knows that Bran wants to make things right, but what is that saying that when you try and make everything right and interfere with the natural course of events and basically fuck the timeline, it finds a way to reach the ultimate conclusion and what we end up with is another bad version of events. Well, this could be the case with Bran Stark also, and here is why he is the real villain on the show.

First, things first, in order to save Bran so many people have lost their lives. Hodor and Jojen Reed being the main ones. But, that is acceptable as they chose to fight for him. Now, for five seasons we kept wondering why Hodor was well, “HODOR”. When we finally learned the truth, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the big man. Great work, Bran! Hodor’s life was completely destroyed…

Next, there’s a theory which suggests that Mad King wasn’t actually mad. It is believed that he used to hear sounds of “Burn them all.” We know White Walkers can be killed with fire. Now we know Bran has an ability to make his presence felt in the events in the past. It can be deduced that it was Bran who droved the Mad King to a tipping point and triggered the TARGARYEN downfall. It all resulted in a bloody massacre!

Now, in the past few episodes, we have seen Bran getting so detached from his own people. When he saw Sansa, he didn’t emote at all. It could be because he has seen too much. Another disadvantage of having powers like his. Also, he had no regard for Meera Reed, who gave her everything to get him to Winterfell safely. She even lost her brother for that matter.

This is a shocker, but there’s a theory doing the rounds that even the Night King is no one else than Bran himself. To prevent Children of Forest from creating White Walkers in the first place, Bran warged into Night King’s body, but he couldn’t escape it in time. Thus, he got trapped and became the first White Walker. This theory could well be plausible that Bran can relate and see so much of the Night’s King. Also, another popular theory has suggested that Bran will warg into the ICE DRAGON and try and control it, but eventually end up making things worse.

So, all in all, as we can see Bran Stark, though he wants to do good, he is just messing up things. From shows like Doctor Who and The Flash, we have seen what messing up with the timeline and natural course of events results in. As time has its own way of reacting, the end events are even worse than actual events would have been. Thus, we can safely conclude that whatever Bran does next will hold the direction in which the show will go.

Bran Stark could end up being the hero on the show as well! But for that, we need to wait and watch how the events unfold. How the battle with the Night’s King unfold? We know the Wall will come down this season. But, what then? How will Westeros respond? What will be Bran’s role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Aditya Goel

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