5 Insane Things Professor X Has Done (No. 3 Will Leave You Shocked)

Professor X is one of the most powerful mutants in the world and an amazing leader and mentor of the X-Men. Or is her? Here are a lot of bad deeds that the professor has done, either normally or by misusing his powers:

Reprogrammed Wolverine

Wolverine is someone who already had a pretty fucked up past, knowing not, where he came from he is in a constant dilemma of where he is from, when he and Charles are going to the Hellfire Club, to free Daken from Shaw, there is a revelation. Wolverine originally had come to kill Professor X, who then erased his memory and kept him at the mansion because he “needed a weapon”.

Worst Father Possible

Gabrielle Haller, who was the mother of David Haller, a mutant who Charles Xavier saved was restored to sanity had a brief relationship with Charles, who impregnated her and left. He when came to know about his son, briefly took care of him but eventually got careless resulting in him not being able to control his powers. He also then became responsible for major catastrophic events that took place during the APOCALYPSE SAGA.

Tried To Kill His Twin

Charles Xavier’s mom, Sharon was going to have a pair of twins, Charles and his sister Cassandra Xavier. That didn’t plan out though. why? Oh, just because of Charles, in the womb itself found out that his sister is evil and tried to kill her. Cassandra was stillborn and her body was disposed of, or so they thought. She was a mass of cells for decades who kept growing in sewers.

Erased All The Memories Of Beast

Without even asking Hank McCoy Prof. Xavier erased all the memories of the poor beast. Not just that, even when he begged Prof. X bring back all the memories, the professor refused, saying he knew a lot and if there is ever a civil war between mutants and humans, it would be better if his family and friends didn’t remember him.

Lusted For Jean Grey

professor x

When in the Onslaught Saga, Onslaught offers Jean’s Phoenix force to reconnect with him which she refuses, he lets her take a peek into the mind of Charles Xavier, in order to tell her something that she never knew about the professor, where she is shown Professor X’s lustful emotions for her, that he had hidden along with all his other negative emotions, resulting in the formation of Onslaught.’

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