10 Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month That Should be on Your Watch List

Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month:

The month of February is going to show us some of the greatest TV shows coming back to the small screens along with the rise of some of the most anticipated Original shows of this year (or probably this decade). Things will never be the same again as the only way forward for the small screens is up now. Get ready to be amazed!

 1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 7 – February 7

Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month

No more Mr. Noice Guys!! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the shows that keep its audiences engaged with incredibly well-timed humor along with stead-fast suspense that is nail-biting and intriguing at the same time. The story follows Jake Peralta and his life as a Detective in the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. The hilarious adventures of Jake also involve his rival and now wife Amy Santiago and his eccentric colleagues Terry, Boyle, Scully, and Hitchcock. Captain Raymond Holt is just the icing on the grand cake that is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show has a massive fan following and has managed to one-up it-self every time it comes up with a new season.

 2. Horse Girl – February 7

This American drama movie starring one of the most beautiful actresses of this era, Alison Brie, is adapted from a screenplay written by Alison Brie and Jeff Baena. Jeff Baena is also producing this movie. Horse Girl’s original release date was January 27, 2020, but after it faced some legal troubles and was on the verge of being shut down, the movie’s rights were bought by Netflix and will be streamed directly in their platform. Apart from Alison Brie, the movie also stars Paul Reiser, Debby Ryan, Molly Shannon, and John Ortiz. Horse Girl is a story that explores the feminine side of a tomboyish girl and has already received widespread applause at the Sundance Film Festival.

 3. Locke and Key: Season 1 – February 7

Locke and Key have had a journey through development hell which in itself is a story worth making a TV Series out of. The series was already being planned to enter into production since 2010. A pilot was shot for FOX that had Josh Friedman as the showrunner and Mark Romanek as the Director. The pilot did not sit well with the overlords at Fox and they rejected it. Netflix found some potential in the pilot episode and ordered a full multiple-episode TV Series arc.

Hulu also ordered a pilot episode as well in 2017 but that too fell apart. Netflix has had a good run with the supernaturally themed stories lately, case in point The Witcher. Locke and Key is based on a popular comic book which could be a spin at the contemporary horror mystical genre.

 4. To All the Boys: P.S I Still Love You – February 12

Romantic Comedies are making a comeback ladies and gentlemen. The first movie showed us the journey of Lara Jean and how she deals with the aftermath of her love letters being sent to every crush she ever had. As she is leading a happy life with her one true love, an old flame who also received the letter returns to haunt the new couple. A few comedy of error letter, things start to go really out of hand.

Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month

The movie is set to light the stage on fire again as its predecessor did. Noah Centineo returns as Peter while Lana Condor reprises her role as Lara Jean in the sequel. Jordan Fisher plays John Ambrose, who is the old flame of Lara Jean we are talking about.

 5. Narcos Mexico: Season 2 – February 14

The first season of Narcos Mexico ended with Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo usurping the throne of the Guadalajara cartel and becoming the new king of the Mexican Underworld. But things may not be looking as rosy for Miguel as he would think it to be. He has just killed an undercover US agent and he has killed him in the most gruesome manner possible.

Agent Kiki Camarena’s death will be avenged by the rest of DEA who will come after Miguel Gallardo with all the force and night they could muster up. DEA agent Walt Breslin, who turned out to be the narrator of the story the entire time, is whom the DEA has chosen to go after Gallardo. The Wrath of God is coming down on him and we will witness how he fares.

 6. The Clone Wars: Season 7 – February 17

When Disney bought Lucas Film, the only two canon sources for the Star Wars fans were declared to be the official Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars animated saga. The rest of the shows and sources were announced to be non-canon and not part of the official Star Wars universe, including the several lines of comic books that Dark Horse had already released.

Ahsoka Tano is one of the greatest Star Wars characters to ever exist and she will return to lead Bo Katan and the Mandalorian forces into battle against Darth Maul in the seventh and final season of the Clone Wars saga. Sit tight because this is going to be really bumpy ride folks!!

 7. The Chef Show: Volume 3 – February 19

Who knew Jon Favreau, the man that could be largely credited with making the Marvel Cinematic Universe and had a huge part to play in the later phases of the MCU, could cook so well? Roy Choi and Jon Favreau are the head chefs of one of the greatest Netflix Originals and cookery shows on the planet – The Chef Show. Last season saw Favreau and Choi bring some of the most delicious dishes from all over the world to life on Netflix.

They experimented and created new cuisines while tried out several other ones from different corners of the planet. The Chef Show Volume 3 is supposedly going to be the season where the duo pushes the culinary boundaries to places we would have never imagined.

 8. Spectros – February 20

Spectros is not an English language series. It is actually a Brazillian production. Lately, Netflix has started to expand its horizons and include foreign language productions to entertain a global audience which has people that do not understand or have English as their first language.

Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month

Director Douglas Petrie will give us an 8 episode nightmare of a series that will explore Brazilian folklore and Japanese legends. The series is set in the district of Liberdade of Sao Paulo, which has an unusually high percentage of Japanese origin nationals. It will have five teenagers coming together to solve a supernatural mystery that dates all the way back to 1908.

 9. Better Call Saul: Season 5 – February 24

The Man with the plan returns to Netflix with Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk will reprise the role of Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill. The last season ended with a subtle but powerful note when Kim Wexler realizes that Saul Goodman is actually a scheming piece of crap that will never understand the concept of family and is totally irredeemable.

Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month

The audience realizes that Saul was, is and always will remain a con man. How Saul takes it from here is still a guess as good as everybody. The world will never be the same again with Better Call Saul Season 5, the penultimate season of one of the greatest shows on Earth.

 10. Altered Carbon: Season 2 – February 27

Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming This Month

The first season of the show changed the very concept of science fiction when it was released on Netflix. Humanity has ascended to the stars and the rich-poor divide could not any greater. Humans are pretty much immortal since all their memories could be stored in digital disks called sleeves which could be reinserted into another body and thus the same person could come back to life once more.

Altered Carbon Season 2 will see Anthony Mackie aka Falcon of the MCU be the new lead. Kovacs went on a journey to find the love of his life – Quellcrist Falconer at the end of the first season. Joel Kinnaman, who played Kovacs in Altered Carbon season 1 claims that there is not enough impetus for Kovacs to return so abruptly in the second season so Anthony Mackie’s character might have to hold the torch now.

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