Kang is the Perfect Villain to Introduce X-Men and Fantastic Four to the MCU

Kang Perfect Villain to X-Men and Fantastic Four:

The MCU is a well-oiled machine that has now added even more hardware pieces. It is now working to achieve an even bigger goal than Avengers: Endgame. It is obvious that this machine has been facing a bit of a problem in recent times, but Marvel is handling all those problems perfectly. There are even more heroes (X-Men, Fantastic Four) & villains (Kang) coming to the MCU and Marvel has a plan to interweave all of them in the best way possible.

Kang Appearing in Loki
Kang Appearing in Loki

One of the more immediate threats that the heroes are going to face next is Kang the Conqueror. He has almost been confirmed to arrive in the Loki series, and through that, he will be set up as the bigger villain in the MCU. Scooper Mikey Sutton has already claimed that he has heard chatter about Kang being the villain of the next Avengers movie. He’d attack the massive group of heroes by actually splitting them into 2 groups, sending one to a distant future while the other will be sent way back in the past.

While this is just a theory of what could happen in the next Avengers crossover, we’re pretty certain that new heroes will have arrived by the time we get to Avengers 5. And most of the new teams that will have arrived by the time we reach the next Avengers crossover are all related to Kang. The time-traveling villain really poses a threat that’s possibly bigger than even Thanos. The Avengers may have stopped Thanos using time travel, but that usage of time travel is what will prove to be a mistake on the part of heroes. Time Travel is what might cause the biggest problems in the MCU.

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Kang Perfect Villain to X-Men and Fantastic Four

Since Kang is a time-traveling villain, he actually has many different forms. One of his forms is Iron Lad, who is a part of the Young Avengers. Iron Lad learns about his destiny of becoming a villain and in order to stop it from happening, he swears to fight and joins the Young Avengers. That’s where the connection to the Young Avengers comes into play. The entire Phase 4 and a bit of Phase 5 will form the Young Avengers who might actually end up fighting Kang.

Kang Perfect Villain to X-Men and Fantastic Four

The other forms of Kang are Rama-Tut (an ancient Egyptian ruler), Immortus (an older wiser Kang who retired from his conquering quest) and Victor Timely (mayor of circa, a small town in northern Illinois, in 1910). All these forms of Kang have come across the heroes in different timelines. Apart from his connection to the Young Avengers, Kang is also connected to X-Men & the Fantastic Four.

Kang Perfect Villain to X-Men and Fantastic Four

How? Well in the comics, Kang’s true identity is the son of Reed Richards, Nathaniel Richards. People are assuming that Tony Stark’s original protégé in the MCU, Harley Keener might actually turn out to be Kang moving forward. But, with the Fantastic Four coming to MCU soon enough, it is entirely possible that the son of Reed Richards could come back in time from the future as Iron Lad. And he could warn his parents about Kang. Thus, Kang becomes the cause of the introduction of Fantastic Four. We’d find out more about this in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, where Kang could make his second or third appearance.

Kang Perfect Villain to X-Men and Fantastic Four

Now let’s come to the X-Men connection of Kang. This connection comes through the ancient form of Kang – Rama-Tut. It was during emperor Rama-Tut’s reign in Egypt that the first mutant, En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse emerged. Because of Rama-Tut’s future knowledge mutants and Apocalypse, he tries to kill En Sabah Nur right there & then. So, this is the possible connection to the mutants which could be explored. Since Apocalypse might not be used in the MCU because of his failure in Fox’s X-Men attempt, the MCU will have to change things up. Perhaps Kang’s time in the past might have led to the existence of Mutants on Earth. Who knows what Marvel is going to do with the X-Men? But still, Kang could be the one to connect the Avengers, the Young Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four.

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