10 Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball we Bet You Never Knew

Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball:

The Green skinned Namekian warrior is one of the strongest Z Fighters after Goku and Vegeta. He also has a very ardent fan following amongst the rest of the Z Fighters. But there are several facts about him even hardcore fans might not know about. So let us shed some light on them. After reading the list, you will see Piccolo in a completely different light!

 1. Originally supposed to be a Demon

Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball

That is a revelation that will come to you if you look at the facts close enough. Demon King Piccolo was one of the first Namekian Warrior and Super-Villains to appear on the show. He had several children under his command that looked nothing like him. Piccolo was an adult after a very short amount of time from the moment he was born. When Vegeta and Nappa reveal that there is an entire planet of Namekians far away in the universe, the fans were taken aback. The Namekian revelation made Piccolo an alien.

But the way Akira Toriyama put forth Demon Kin Piccolo, piccolo, and his legacy made it look like he had other plans for him. Toriyama had conceptualized Piccolo first as a demon, a fact that he later changed for the sake of the storyline.

 2. Was possessed by Babidi

The Dragon Ball Xeno-Verse videogames are based on alternate reality scenarios. They are basically the ‘What Ifs’ of the Dragon Ball Universe. It is almost as if the creators of the Xeno-Verse video games talk to the fans and come up with these games then. One such game is the Dragon ball: Supersonic Warriors 2. In this game, the alternate scenario is this – instead of Vegeta, it was Piccolo who was captured by Babidi the Demon Sorcerer and turned into his puppet after being granted Majin Powers.

The Majin Powers help an individual let go of all his emotional connections and unlock their true potential as a warrior. Piccolo became an evil, super-powerful version of himself. Majin Piccolo managed to defeat the Saiyans and revive Cell in his perfect form. He even helped resurrect Frieza. Gohan and Vegeta finally manage to stop Piccolo in his tracks and all things come back to normal.

 3. His sense of hearing

On more than one occasion, Piccolo has demonstrated heightened hearing abilities. He has listened in onto conversations from a distance that would make it impossible for a normal human being to listen to. Piccolo credits this ability to the large size and the special shape of his ears. But there might be more to it than what meets the eye.

From a purely scientific perspective, there is either one of two possibilities – Either Piccolo’s hearing organ inside his ear has evolved to a point beyond comprehension or that there might be a secondary hearing organ in his head. We are talking about his antennas. In the animal world, there are beings that hear through their antennas and are have known to possess very powerful senses of hearing.

 4. Helped kill all the Namekians

The Namekians we are talking about are not of this universe. In the Tournament of Power in the Dragon Ball Super series, Piccolo and Gohan meet two Universe 2 Namekians in combat. The two Namek Warriors have absorbed all the Namekians into their body and thus represent the combined might of an entire race. Zeno, the Lord of the Multi-Verse, orders them to fight.

Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball

Whichever universe’s fighters lose will have their universe wiped out of existence. At first, the Namek duo has the upper hand against Piccolo and Gohan but the latter manages to turn the tide and use a joint energy attack to take the two out. Zeno destroys Universe 2 along with all the Namekians that ever resided in it.

 5. He destroyed the Moon

In Dragon Ball Z, we see Gohan being trained by Piccolo in the art of combat to prepare him for the upcoming battle against Nappa and Vegeta. Since Gohan is a Saiyan, the full moon makes him transform to his Great Ape form and he goes on to destroy entire mountains. Piccolo realizes that he would eventually reach the nearby city and a lot of people would die.

Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball

Gohan has lost control of his powers and is destroying everything indiscriminately. To stop him, Piccolo decides that the best thing to do is destroy the Moon itself. He actually does it. But destroying the moon in real life would have planet-destroying implications for Earth. In the Dragon Ball Z universe though, nothing truly devastating happens to the planet even though it lacks a moon.

 6. His father killed the Eternal Dragon

Demon King Piccolo wreaked havoc on the world about 300 years ago before Dragon Ball. Master Roshi’s teacher managed to trap the Demon King inside a rice cooker. Later Emperor Pilaf freed him and the Demon King was back on track to take over the world again. But after 300 years, he was old and frail.

So he summoned the Eternal Dragon after collecting all the Dragon Balls. He asked Shenron to give him his youth back. After Shenron granted his wish, Demon King Piccolo decided nobody else should have the power to summon the Eternal Dragon and undo his plans. So he killed Shenron. Before Demon King Piccolo, nobody thought that the Eternal Dragon could be killed. His murder of Shenron is still considered canon in the Dragon Ball Universe.

 7. Barely Older than Gohan

With Piccolo being a de facto mentor and a father figure to Gohan, it is quite easy to forget the fact that Piccolo is not much older than Gohan him-self.  Think about it. It was in the World Martial Arts Tournament that piccolo showed up as a kid to fight Goku for the first time, his official debut in the Dragon Ball Universe.

It was only a couple of years since king Piccolo spit the egg out and gave birth to Piccolo so he was still a toddler for most of his days on Earth.  Piccolo might look like an adult and behave like one but chronologically speaking he is still a kid and not an adult. Gohan’s mentor and father figure is actually a little child himself.

 8. Can reproduce asexually

The people of Namek have a different mode of reproduction. They do not need a female mate to create an offspring. They can do that by themselves. Like the amoeba and several types of bacteria on Earth, the Namekians can reproduce asexually, meaning they can just split themselves to make another Namekian. Piccolo can do the same too.

If you look closely, you will know that there are no female Namekians in the show. It is because the Namekians are hermaphrodites. They do not require a mate of the opposite gender. This is also a closely linked ability to how they could regenerate so fast after losing a limb.

 9. The One Piece Crossover

In the world of anime, crossovers are rare but the fans know they happen from time to time and are not a thing unheard of. Christopher Sabat voices the character of Piccolo in the English dubbing of the anime and also that of Zorro in the One Piece anime, two of some of the greatest and most popular anime of all time. So if a crossover between the two anime happens and Piccolo and Zorro meet face to face, Sabat will essentially be talking to himself.

Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball

In a story called Cross Epoch that was essentially what happened when the Z-Fighters and the Straw Hat Pirates joined hands. It was a silly little plot. Vegeta led a band of pirates on a pirate ship. The Eternal Dragon Shenron hosted a tea party of sorts for everyone. And Zorro and Piccolo became swordsmen who traveled together as part of an adventure.

 10. Needs only water to survive

Facts About Piccolo From Dragon Ball

You might have seen him eat tons of food in the series. But it is a known fact that Piccolo only needs water to survive. He does not need to gorge on food the way Saiyans need to. He is almost always seen meditating in the middle of nowhere and there is either a nearby water body. That is his source of sustenance. As a being that represents a walking, talking plant, he sure does fit the type. He can regrow lost limbs with his unique power of regeneration like a plant, has glowing green skin like herbs, and we now know for certain that the guy needs only eight to ten glasses of water a day to live through the day!

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