10 Spectacular Facts About DC Birds of Prey You Must Know Before Watching The Movie

Margot Robbie has proved that she was the perfect actress to portray the role of Harley Quinn. We will see her playing the role once again in the latest Birds of Prey movie and we cannot hold our excitement. The Birds of Prey has been a popular group in the comic books and hopefully, we will see a worthy live-action adaption. Here’re some incredible facts about Birds of Prey that you should know.

#1: Origin and Debut

Facts About DC Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey has been around a long time as it debuted back in June 1996. It was created by Chuck Dixon and Jordan B. Gorfinkel. Originally it featured two lead heroines, Barbara Gordon, former Batgirl and Dinah Lance, also known as Black Canary. After a while, Huntress joined the team and the three of them formed the core of Birds of Prey.

#2: Barbara Gordon is the leader of Birds of Prey

Facts About DC Birds of Prey

Barbara Gordon is the former Batgirl and the daughter of Batman’s closest ally James Gordon. The Joker ambushed her apartment and the attack left Barbara paralyzed from the waist down. So, she reinvented herself as Oracle, and became an expert in extreme hacking and programming, formed an information network and has a photographic memory.

#3: It has been relaunched several times

Facts About DC Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey has been canceled and relaunched several times over the years and it has had a lot of different writers, who made changes in the team according to their liking. The original run lasted nearly 13 years, then it was relaunched in 2010 and it was canceled once again. Then the comic was revamped again to fit the New 52 universe and then the DC Rebirth universe.

#4: Barbara and Dinah complete each other

The writers purposely chose these two characters to start the Birds of Prey as they had very different personalities. Both of them are imperfect alone, but all their weaknesses are nullified when they work together. Dinah works as Oracle’s legs, and she is also her moral conscience and Oracle is the one working behind the scenes ensuring Dinah’s success.

#5: Birds of Prey is Female Dominated

The roster of Birds of Prey has changed a lot of times in the comic books but one thing has remained constant, it has been a group dominated by the female members. There have been a few instances where male heroes have assisted the ladies. Hawk was the first male character to join the group and he was followed by Nightwing, Wildcat, Savant, etc.

#6: A Lot of heroes have been a part of Birds of Prey

Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress are often known as the core members of Birds of Prey as the story usually revolves around them only but over the years, they have joined hands with several superheroines like Harley Quinn, Batwoman, Hawkgirl, Power Girl, Vixen, Katana, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.

#7: Cassandra Cain – The Socially awkward assassin

Facts About DC Birds of Prey

Cassandra Cain is the daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva and she will make an appearance in the movie as well. She was raised in seclusion and she was deprived of speech and human contact to be an effective assassin. In the comics, she starts as a bad guy but ends up correcting her path after meeting Batman and Barbara Gordon.

#8: Huntress is a heroine with questionable morals

Facts About Birds of Prey

Huntress is a complete badass in the comic books and it would be fun to see her on the big screen. The character decided to become a vigilante to literally take down her father, who was the head of a powerful crime syndicate. She was raised in a criminal environment and that skewed her moral compass as she is willing to go to any lengths.

#9: The Birds of Prey are not afraid of Killing

Unlike the Gotham hero Batman, The Birds of Prey do not hesitate when it comes to killing the bad guys. They have often used lethal force on the enemies. Huntress is the most ruthless member of the team, and her ruthlessness got her kicked out of the Justice League. The movie is Rated-R and we’ll also see a lot of killing in it.

#10: The Meaning Behind the movie’s endless title

Facts About DC Birds of Prey

The full name of the movie is ‘Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’ and it is a clear reference to the separation of Harley Quinn and Joker. They have broken-up in the comic book as well and it has freed the character of Harley Quinn. Let’s see if the movie features a brief Jared Leto cameo.

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