Birds of Prey Trailer at CCXP Shows Comic Accurate Look at Black Mask


Birds of Prey Trailer at CCXP Shows:

Birds of Prey is the next comic book movie we should be looking forward to. After Joker turning out to be the highest-grossing R-Rated movie and the most profitable Superhero movie WB has ever made, they are really confident of what Birds of Prey is turning out to be. The Harley Quinn led flick will also be R-Rated and it will tell a twisted gritty tale of how Harley Quinn will fight her inner demons and become the anti-hero that we all need to follow. And yes, her biggest foe in this film is going to be Black Mask.


Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is just a couple of months away from us. So far we’ve seen only a couple of teasers & one trailer of the movie. A second trailer is expected to release either by the end of this month or next month. Wonder Woman 1984 is launching its first trailer worldwide tomorrow, but it will premiere at CCXP first. But the attendees of CCXP have got a bonus already as they’ve also got some special footage from Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey

Apparently, the footage shown at Brazil Comic-Con Experience has made one of our long-standing doubts clear. We are going to see a comic accurate Black Mask in the upcoming movie. So far we haven’t seen Ewan McGregor in his Black Mask. Our initial assumption was that because Harley Quinn is a twisted character herself, and this film is being told from her perspective, she actually sees the Black Mask as a normal individual. That’s why Black Canary has this diva appearance, a criminal like Victor Zsasz looks normal and so on. But that’s probably not going to be the case.

Birds of Prey Trailer

The Black Mask is probably going to be a part of Roman Sionis’ character development. Harley Quinn will proly end up messing his face up, and by the end of the film he will don the Black Skull Mask we’re used to seeing him in. This obviously is a different take on the villain if we compare him to the comics.

Trailer at CCXP Shows

In the books, Roman Sionis grew up in one of the rich families of Gotham, but his parents cared less about him, which led to him suffering several injuries when he was a child. When he grew up, he took the company of his family company Janus Cosmetics, and right after that he fell in love with a model named Circe, but his parents were against their marriage and tried to kill it over reasons of social class. This was certainly not acceptable for Sionis and he burned down his mansion with his parents inside, taking over the family fortune and business in full.

Birds of Prey Trailer at CCXP Shows

But this movie went completely in the wrong direction for him as, under him, his company released a bunch of faulty products that left several women disfigured and even cause the end of his relationship with Circe, that too in front of his staff. All this led him to a brink of personal collapse and trauma, which led him into his parents’ crypt in a rage on one stormy night. Then as you would expect the typical makings of a villain, a bolt of lightning strike knocked him into his father’s ebony casket, and Roman, now deranged, used the broken pieces to forge a black mask which represented the Sionis family’s “false faces.”

Trailer at CCXP Shows

This led to the rise of another villain in Gotham as he went on to become one of the most ruthless crime lords and part of the “False Face Society.” It would be interesting to see the take of the creatives behind his storyline. While Black Mask is going to play an important role in the movie, and we do trust Ewan McGregor to deliver a great performance, all eyes are mostly going to be on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Birds of Prey comes out on February 7, 2020.

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