Superhero Movies Will Soon Become Less Popular Very Soon

Disney & WB do think that Marvel and DC films will stay fresh for the years to come. Both studios have been producing some amazing superhero movies over the years. In the last 2 years both the studios have produced some awesome movies. Marvel is obviously the champion amongst the two and that won’t change for a long while. But before DC would get the chance to actually take a lead against Marvel, both comic houses might actually get over saturated.

Superhero Movies Coming Out in 2019

As of now, Superhero movies are the real reason that people are going out to the theatres. Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Captain Marvel & Joker are the 4 out of 7 films that have grossed over $1 Billion. So, these are the films that are making great revenue at the Box Office. After Joker, the highest grossing film of this year is Hobbs & Shaw, with $759 Million. So, there’s a massive gap between Joker & Hobbs & Shaw. It shows that people are not really bothered about films of the other genre.

There has been a massive rise in the Superhero genre ever since the MCU began a shared Universe pattern, and the CW expanded Arrow into something else. From that point onwards, Marvel and DC just kept on expanding. The CW is running 6 Superhero shows right now. Other than that, the DC Universe has shows like Titans, Doom Patrol & Swamp Thing. By the next year, we’d also see Stargirl, and a Superman series on the CW. And following that year, HBO Max will bring a live action Green Lantern show along with 2 other big budget DC shows.

Amazon Original TV Shows in 2019

In the meanwhile, Netflix & Amazon Prime will also be running shows like The Umbrella Academy & The Boys respectively. Marvel has shut down most of their TV Shows but that has only been done so they could bring all of their amazing content on Disney+. And these are just the TV Shows that we’re talking about. Now let’s get into the movies department.

Superhero Movies

2020 is bringing out 6 Superhero films. 2021 will release 4 MCU films & along with that, there would be integrated MCU TV Shows on Disney+. With those there will be 3 DC Films. And this will become the regular norm of the next 5 years. Superhero films only work till the time their content is unique and fresh. But no matter how unique every one of these films is, there would definitely be a time when people won’t be able to keep up with all the Superhero content that’ll be available.

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Just Marvel alone is going to expect people to continue watching 7 of their exclusive films and TV series within a year. Not everyone will be able to do that, and that’s when the Superhero fatigue will begin to kick in. All Marvel movies are grossing past a Billion Dollars as of now. That probably won’t be the case from 2021 onward, even though every one of the films coming out in that year will deserve to be seen at the theatres.

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So the bottom line is that the Superhero genre is bound to get oversaturated no matter what anyone has to say to deny that. And that will be the time that we should be afraid of because the Superhero genre has been producing a big chunk of a year’s content. And it is also resulting in a big chunk of the Box Office earnings. When there won’t be any more earnings from the genre, then what would people watch at the theatres? Actually, the whole theatre business is also bound to come down with the increasing number of streaming services that are coming, but that is a conversation of some other time.

For now, let’s just hope that people will be able to keep up with every bit of great content that Marvel & DC will produce in the next 5 years.

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