Every Big MCU Phase 4 Reveal on Disney+

MCU Phase 4 on Disney+

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is going to be the first MCU series that’s coming on Disney+. But we all know that things won’t end with just that. There’s plenty of original content that Marvel is coming up with since Disney+ has provided them the offer to stretch their creative boundaries even further. They don’t have to make just the big cash grab films now as they could actually stop and tell the stories of all the important characters there are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And even though 2020 is going to have a slow start, 2021 is going to pick up the pace. With the launch of Disney+, there’s just a lot that has been revealed for the upcoming MCU shows. Here’s everything MCU related added on Disney+:

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

We know that The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is going to involve the likes of Sharon Carter, US Agent & most importantly Baron Zemo. But looking at these newly revealed suits just allows us to savor the awesomeness that Marvel is bringing at us. This is the series that will be a major step forward in how the Earth faction of the MCU grows after the big guns are out.

Talking about the big guns, we do have the feeling that Falcon & the Winter Soldier could go on to become something major after they take down the US Agent, who we know is going to be a flawed character. The aforementioned image of the US Agent does prove the fact that Wyatt Russell’s John Walker is going to get the mantle of Captain America (with the shield!) while Falcon & Winter Soldier explore themselves even further.


We haven’t got any new WandaVision concept art photos from Disney+ but we do get a bit of info about what is going to happen on the show, or rather who is going to be on it. This new info comes as a tease for the fact that Wanda’s children Wiccan & Speed will be involved, and at least one of those (Wiccan) will go on to be a part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It has been stated that WandaVision will actually be shot for a bit in front of a live theatre audience. So, the whole 50s sitcom thing will be taken very seriously!


Marvel & DC Movies & TV Shows in 2021

Loki executive producer Stephen Broussard confirmed the major plot point of the series as he said that

“There’s a huge time travel component. There will be a man on the run quality to it and we get the chance to explore more human sides of Loki.”

EP Kevin Wright added – “We’re finally going to see him on his back foot. This his him, being put in a position where he doesn’t have all the answers, and has been thrown a curveball by life.”

Marvel’s What If…?

There has been plenty of new revelations about the “What If…?” animated series that MCU is coming up with. The GIF that you see above is proof that Marvel means business with this animated series! It is going to be awesome as Peggy Carter will become Captain Britain.


While that happens, we’d see Captain America turn into a Zombie & Steve Rogers is going to pilot a MK1 Iron Man suit. Bucky is going to be fighting this Zombie Captain America on a train (similar to The First Avenger). And in the next episode, we’re going to see T’Challa appear as Star-Lord. Chadwick Boseman originally auditioned to play a member of the Guardians, so we could say that he has got his wish fulfilled!


The final MCU series of 2021 is going to be Hawkeye and these new concept arts give us a major images hint at the tone of the series. It seemed that the dark past of Ronin would catch up to Clint Barton in the series, but that’s probably not going to be the main focus.

We’d see Kate Bishop step in as Clint is gonna be the one to train her. And it is now confirmed that Lucky the Pizza dog will also be a part of the series. Here’s what executive producer Trinh Tran said about Kate Bishop in “Expanding The Universe”:

“She’s the new, young mentee that he can train to eventually take over the mantle as Hawkeye, one day.”

We’re excited to see this series unfold in fall 2021.

The Big Plan

Endgame Didn’t Kill the Strongest Avenger in Infinity War

We all had a wish to see almost every Marvel hero huddle up together before the final Endgame battle and just have a dialogue exchange. It would have been awesome. But the way in which the revival snap happened, that just wasn’t possible. But the thing is that the directors did plan for that to happen amidst battle. The heroes were meant to get together and discuss a plan while the battle goes on.

This deleted scene has been revealed in the extras section, and the directors Joe & Anthony Russo have a commentary explaining why the scene was deleted. Anthony Russo said:

“We ended up abandoning it as a building block, as a corner stone of the climax of the film for many reasons. A lot of the reshoots and energy on Marvel films goes into either addressing plot issues that people don’t understand that we discover in an exhaustive test screening that we do and the other place is in these giant third act battles,” co-director Joe Russo said. “You’re always gonna find some point that in that battle that you can do better with or it can be vacuum sealed and shrunk…We had this idea that we would pause the battle for all of the characters to get together to talk with one another but once we started executing it in the edit room, we found that was not an interesting way to go. It seemed contrived.”

Tony in Afterlife

Last but not the least, we finally got to see the afterlife scene of Tony Stark that would have taken place in the film right after Tony Snaps. Just imagine if Marvel would have given us this scene and another deleted scene where all heroes pay their respect to Tony and bow down to his magnificence at the theatres. It would have been so awesome.

Unfortunately, the scene has been deleted from the internet but the directors did explain why the Afterlife scene with Katherine Langford was deleted from the final cut:

“Joe Russo – This was the originally what happened after Tony snapped his fingers. We sent him to what we would call The Way Station to mirror what would happen to Thanos with his daughter in Infinity War. We’re now doing something similar with Tony and his daughter.

Anthony – The idea is that that act sort of forces you to confront or reconcile something that’s unresolved in your soul.

Joe – The idea was that if we cast his daughter as an adult so that he could come to peace with what he had just done by talking to her. Obviously, these Stones have the most power so it would create a scenario where he could speak to his daughter in the future who tells him everything’s gonna be okay and it allows him to die. But, again, when we put this movie in the film, we felt that we ground the movie to a halt and he does something similar in the next sequence when he gives his own eulogy. So, what can happen in a film this big is it feels like you just have ending after ending after ending and it just feels like the movie’s never gonna end. Then, the endings when you have too many sequences in a row, you can dilute the value of each one of them.”

Well, it’s okay to watch this scene now.

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