Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Reveals the Mechanism Behind Time Travel Suits

Avengers: Endgame- Mechanism Behind Time Travel Suits:

Avengers: Endgame is still making rounds on the internet, courtesy of Disney+ revealing 4 new deleted scenes and Marvel‘s Avengers: Endgame: The Art of the Movie book which has finally been released. The book reveals several unused suits and scenes for Endgame. While we’ve discussed a lot of that, we haven’t truly discussed the deleted scenes of the film. One of these new deleted scenes reveals how the Time Travel suits were made.

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Unfortunately, the scene isn’t available for us to watch unless we’ve got a Disney+ subscription. But we can at least describe what the scene actually shows us. It takes place at the Avengers Facility after Tony Stark has solved time travel and has got the team back together. He enters into the room where Hulk, Scott and Nebula are giving the Time Travel suit a final touch up. This scene would have happened right before Hulk explains time travel.

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Right when Tony enters the room and sees the suit, he describes what went into making the suit, i.e. “a bit of Pym tech, Stark Styling, [touching the helmet] and the noggin bubble, courtesy of the Rings of Uranus” referring to the Guardians of the Galaxy. While this name calling is quite funny, the Noggin Bubble that Tony refers to is actually something we saw back in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Rocket made blue space suits which allowed the wearers to actually breathe and survive in space. It’s what saved Peter Quill at the very end of the movie.

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Mechanism behind Time Travel Suit

The blue that we see around Thor’s face here is the same tech that was involved in the space suits of Guardians Vol. 2. So, obviously Rocket had a major hand in helping Tony design the time travel suits. It’s good to see how Marvel connects these things.

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Well, there were 3 other scenes that are present on Disney+. First is the Avengers Planning sequence where the team actually gets together in a huddle right when Thanos rains fire on everyone. They plan on what they’ve to do with the Infinity Gauntlet. The Russos explained why the scene was deleted. Anthony Russo said:

“We ended up abandoning it as a building block, as a corner stone of the climax of the film for many reasons. A lot of the reshoots and energy on Marvel films goes into either addressing plot issues that people don’t understand that we discover in an exhaustive test screening that we do and the other place is in these giant third act battles,” co-director Joe Russo said. “You’re always gonna find some point that in that battle that you can do better with or it can be vacuum sealed and shrunk…We had this idea that we would pause the battle for all of the characters to get together to talk with one another but once we started executing it in the edit room, we found that was not an interesting way to go. It seemed contrived.”

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The third scene shows us the battle of Vormir. Instead of Clint and Natasha fighting each other to jump, we see them fight Thanos’ army that shows up right when one of them is about to make the jump. So, as the two plan to defend Thanos’ attack, Natasha makes a run for the jump going through Thanos’ henchmen. Clint follows her, kills those minions but as Natasha ends up on the edge, she sees Thanos entering the battle and makes the jump. That’s how Clint gets the Soul Stone.

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And the final scene was the one that Robert Downey Jr. shot with Katherine Langford, and it was supposed to show Tony Stark in the Soul World right after he snapped. It was similar to how Thanos met Gamora in the Soul World. Tony speaks to an older version of his daughter who has made it in the future, while he himself didn’t. He then apologizes to her for not being there, and Morgan replies that it’s fine and she is very proud of him. The scene ends with Morgan saying “I Love You” and Tony replying “I Love You 3000”.

It’s great that we’ve got to see these scenes now.

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