10 Things You Must Know Before Watching The Latest Season of American Horror Story

Things about American Horror Story:

American Horror Story has been on the air for the past 8 years and it is without a doubt one of the biggest Horror TV shows. The show is super creepy and scary and that is what makes it so exciting. Season 9 just came out a few days ago and these facts would definitely add to your excitement.

#1:  Inspired By True Events

Things about American Horror Story

Ghosts are not the most-scary aspect of a horror movie/show as people are more terrified if it is based on real events. American Horror Story is based on True Events as well, which makes it petrifying. For instance, The Hotel Cortez (Season 5) is inspired by the Hotel Cecil, which has a pretty wicked history that includes suicides, murders and the famous serial killer Richard Ramirez a.k.a. the Night Stalker stayed there for a while.

#2: Ryan Murphy gave his all to cast Jessica Lange

Things about American Horror Story

The Legendary, 2-time Oscar-winning actress Jessica Lange was the highlight of the show till the time she was on it. As it turns out, she originally turned down the role of Constance in the first season. It was Ryan Murphy’s prolonged dedication which ultimately forced her to revert her decision and finally accept the role. Murphy offered her the role countless times, not taking no for an answer.

#3: Jessica finally gave up after 4 Seasons

Things about American Horror Story

Jessica Lange had never played such an extended and extensive role on a Television show before. Signing her for 1 season was a big task in itself and retaining her for further seasons was an even bigger feat. After working for 4 seasons, Jessica Lange finally gave up and decided not to return for the fifth season as she said it was too much to do 5 seasons of the same show and she wanted to do something different.

#4: The National Clown Association disliked Twisty the Clown

Things about American Horror Story

In the season “Freak Show”, the show focused on the deranged personality, “Twisty The Clown”, which was played by John Carroll Lynch. His portrayal was very dark and unsettling which did not sit well with The National Clown Association of America at all. They utterly disliked the character for his inaccurate portrayal of clowns and was thought to give clowns a bad reputation. Someone just please inform The National Clown Association to skip Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker (2019).

#5: Is John Carroll Lynch a serial killer?

Things about American Horror Story

It is the second time John Carroll Lynch has been involved with a storyline about a Serial Killer. He played the most popular suspect in the movie Zodiac (2007) and in American Horror Story he plays John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer who performed as Pogo the Clown, seated across the from the masked Zodiac Killer. He plays Serial Killers so proficiently that one might even doubt he’s one in real life.

#6: Lady Gaga was dying to be a part of the show

Things about American Horror Story

Contrary to popular perception, it was Lady Gaga who approached the writer-producer Ryan Murphy for a role in the show and not the other way around. Lady Gaga is an ardent fan of the show and the theme of the show was perfect for her. She called Ryan Murphy and asked him to consider her for the show. It was a good move for both of them as after Lady Gaga’s debut on the show, the ratings skyrocketed.

#7: Delphine LaLaurie was a horrible serial killer in real life

Things about American Horror Story

Kathy Bates played the role of Delphine LaLaurie in Coven and it was hard to believe the things she did in the show. Well, the most unsettling fact is that Delphine was a real woman in the 1800s and she was even more horrible than the character. She was known for her brutality towards slaves and she was a serial killer, as depicted on the show. The show gave us some respite by killing her character, but in real life, she was not killed as she fled her house at the last moment to escape the mob.

#8: The Makers like to decapitate Kathy Bates

Things about American Horror Story

Only a few of you might have noticed this, Kathy Bates’ character has been decapitated in almost all the seasons she has appeared in. It is entirely possible that Ryan Murphy has a personal grudge against her which we are not aware about.

#9: All the seasons are connected

Things about American Horror Story

Some of you might have had the hunch that there is a connection between all the seasons. Your hunch is correct as the makers have confirmed the fact that all the seasons of American Crime Story are connected. We might even see it all coming together in the final season of the show.

#10: Happy Ending

Things about American Horror Story

American Horror Story is one of the most violent and grim shows out there but the fans can take some respite in the fact that all the season finales end on happy notes for deserving characters. This might change this season as the makers would like to surprise their fans by giving a tragic ending.

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