Spider-Man: Far From Home Hints & Deleted Scene Prove Mysterio as a Genius

Spider-Man: Far From Home Hints & Deleted Scene:

Mysterio may actually be the most brilliant villain created after Thanos. No, Marvel doesn’t suffer with the villain problem anymore as they’ve fleshed out some amazing villains in the recent years. Mysterio supersedes all of them (probably even Loki). He is the only one besides Thanos who left a hero in a complete state of torment, and actually ruined his life. But it wasn’t a small job. Bringing Spider-Man to Europe took months of planning and plotting. Before we go to that, here’s a deleted that was shown in the extended cut. Be sure to click here.

This scene shows Quentin Beck getting ready for the final act of terror in London. It also shows how Mysterio completely fools Fury (Talos) again by sending another electro-magnetic pulse which indicates the final Elemental monster. Just like this, Mysterio had everyone fooled. He even tricked the real Nick Fury, because Fury though it was okay to leave Talos on Earth with Quentin.

But the hero that he really had fooled was Peter Parker. Upon the release of Spider-Man in Digital HD, people have now owned the film, and they’ve spotted multiple hints of how Team Mysterio always wanted Peter to be in Europe. Their endgame was to get the EDITH Glasses. And for that, they hid in plain sight, right under Peter’s nose. The above shown reddit images are of team Mysterio who were following Peter’s every step.

So, what do you make of Mysterio now? The real Mysterio, i.e. the team is pure genius. They had everyone fooled, throughout. Even when Peter found out about the truth and fought through Beck’s illusions, there was a contingency in play. And that made Peter a fugitive worldwide, right after he thought that he earned a free swing through New York.

We’d love to see him return as he is clearly alive. Quentin Beck was the face of team Mysterio, and he will surely be a part of the Sinister Six. So, let’s just hope that Spider-Man 3 will bring Mysterio back, even though it will feature other villains more prominently. We need a proper explanation of how Mysterio managed to turn the tables.

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The writers of Spider-Man: Far From Home – Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers talked about the ways of Mysterio and his motivations in the film. They states:

“McKenna – Once we hit on the idea that we were doing a con, then we had to come up with, ‘Well, what is he trying to con Peter out of?’ And that’s when we developed the idea of the EDITH system that were inhabited in these glasses. The glasses were actually the great idea of [director Jon Watts] that they would be inhabited in that sort of dark glasses, like the symbol of the crown. Also these glasses that sort of don’t fit him, but we knew that as a con artist, it would have to come down to that moment where’s actually able to cease the crown, and take these glasses from Peter, but in a way that Peter would hand them over, the classic con.

He’s seducing Peter and we knew that the movie was going to pivot on that scene. The way we were writing, we came up with the idea of a bar scene, that we always liked, him taking him out after the Molten Man battle, and then everything came out, everything became revealed, it naturally grew out of all of the elements that we had built up to until that moment.

Far From Home Theory Suggests More People Had Access to EDITH

Sommers – I would say just in terms of, structurally too. Once the veil drops, and you realize things aren’t as they seem, we had to, as quickly as possible, get the audience caught up on, ‘Okay, well then who is this guy really, and what does he want really?’ And, everything with the bar scene just seemed like an economical and fun way to do that.”

Let’s see how Mysterio returns into the fold.

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