Here Are All Clues For The Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers: Endgame

Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame:

Avengers: Endgame left us with many mysteries. Did they tease Captain Britain and Namor? Probably yes. We don’t know for sure. Where did Gamora? We don’t know either! Who is Noobmaster69?? That we might actually know. It came across as just a throwaway line and joke as Thor warned Noobmaster to leave the game or else he’d fly to his home, break his arms and shove them up his butt. You’ve gotta take that warning seriously even if it’s coming from Lebowski aka Bro Thor. And one more thing, never call Korg a dickhead!

Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

With Marvel, even jokes are interconnected Easter Eggs. It’d be a real waste of interconnectivity if Marvel lets Noobmaster69 slide by. Just like “Team Mysterio” came as a big surprise having connections to the past MCU movies, Marvel really has an opportunity to use Noobmaster69 to their advantage. So, who really is Noobmaster? Erik Voss and co from New Rockstars have provided us with some clues and guesses trying to reveal his identity. So, being inspired by them, let’s have our own go at NBM69.


Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

Just imagine if Loki, who managed to trick Thanos and save his life, was hiding out somewhere on Earth. By this theory, he even survived the snap and probably even knew about how Thor has been acting up lately. So, he could really be trolling Thor, Korg and Miek over Fortnight. And as we know, Loki won’t back down from bullying the weak and causing a little mischief.

The Galaga Guy

Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

I’d probably die laughing if it is indeed the Galaga guy from the first Avengers movie, who turns out to be Noobmaster69. As we know, he is a pretty big gaming fan. Who knows if he survived the Snap. We don’t even know where he has been over the years when SHIELD fell. Or perhaps he was an evil Hydra operative hiding as a sleeper cell till date. That’s why he could actually be the one trifling with Thor and co.

Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

But an important piece of information counters this theory. Apparently, Joe Russo claimed that the Galaga guy was dusted. He stated:

“He got snapped in the middle of a Galaga game. He was seconds away from his all-time high score… He’s gone.”

Are we to believe these creatives for behind the scenes info? Well, it is upon us. But the Russos repeatedly lied about many other things. So, let’s just leave things here and move on.


Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. Well, Groot is a pro gamer. But sadly, he could not have called Korg “I am Groot” because he was amongst the ones that got dusted.

Flash Thompson

Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

Remember what Thor said to Noobmaster? “That’s right. Go cry to your father you little weasel.” Who in the MCU fits the bill of (A) being a bully, and (B) having major father issues? The Spider-Man fan boy, Flash Thompson. He has always been kind of a dick to Peter. And, Spider-Man: Far From Home confirmed that he seeks attention from his parents, which he never gets. So, it’d be really cool if Marvel retconned Flash as Noobmaster. But Spider-Man: Far From Home confirmed that he was blipped. Hence he or any other friend of Peter could not be this gamer we’re looking for. Moreover, they’re not in the MCU anymore. So it’d have to be someone else.

Wade Wilson

Real Identity of Noobmaster69 from Avengers Endgame

This would just turn out to be a perfect choice! Just imagine if it turns out to be Wade Wilson who was mocking Korg. Wade is a fast talker and would not spare the very polite Korg. Perhaps he is yet to become Deadpool, or even have his mutant abilities develop. So, he could just be a trained mercenary who likes gaming. Just imagine how big or a surprise it’d turn out to be.

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