Predicting Every Marvel Phase 1 ‘What if…?’ Scenario

Out of the 10 MCU projects that are headed our way in 2020 & 2021, the most unique & innovative of them all has to be Marvel’s ‘What…if?’ series as it will offer us a new angle at the several MCU events. Earlier it seemed that every one of the MCU films will get its own What if episode, but that isn’t the case. But still, if we were to predict certain episodes happening according to the Marvel Phase 1 films that would have different angles, here’s how the plot of the episodes would run:

Iron Man

Marvel Phase 1 ‘What if…?’ Scenario
Marvel Phase 1 ‘What if…?’ Scenario

The 10 Rings originally caught Tony Stark and forced him to make Jericho Missiles. But what if the explosion of a Stark Industries missile actually killed Tony Stark right then and there? That would have meant that Tony Stark wouldn’t have made a smaller version of the arc reactor. And, ultimately an Iron Man suit would never have been created. It means that Obadiah Stane would have got hold of Stark Industries and the world would have been without Iron Man. Several villains wouldn’t seek revenge from Tony, and the world would’ve been very different.

Loki Suggested Thanos to Snap & Achieve His Goal

But ultimately, Thanos would have easily got his hands on all Infinity Stones and no one could have stopped him in Endgame. Tony Stark is the most important element of the MCU. Take him out and everything changes. Civil War doesn’t happen, Ultron doesn’t happen (Thank God!), Spider-Man doesn’t get recruited & neither does he fight any of his villains because Adrian Toomes and Quentin Beck would’ve lived a happy life.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk originally saw Emil Blonsky being given the serum that turned him into Abomination. But what if General Ross were to become Abomination? It would be easy to make the switch since General Ross could take matter into his own hands. He was adamant to stop Hulk. Logically, he should become Red Hulk, but since the She-Hulk series might feature Red Hulk, Ross could be a different version of Abomination only. The consequences would be that General Ross wouldn’t later return in the MCU.

Iron Man 2

Marvel Phase 1 What if…? Scenario
Marvel Phase 1 ‘What if…?’ Scenario

Avengers: Endgame gave Tony Stark closure as he actually met the younger version of his dad back in 1970s. But what if Tony’s parents wouldn’t have died? He wouldn’t not have taken over Stark Industries at the young age of 21, and Howard would still be in charge. Of course he could still be Iron Man as not having the responsibility of his company on his head, Tony may have actually created the suit long before. Whiplash could still be the villain since Ivan Wanko & his father could still have been wronged by the deeds of Howard Stark.

Captain America: The First Avenger

What if…? Series Shows Zombie Captain America, Captain Carter

We already know that instead of Steve, Peggy Carter would get the Super Soldier serum instead. She’d become Captain Britain, and Steve, on the other hand, would enter in battle with a prototype super suit that Howard Stark would design.


Reports have claimed that the What if episode related to Thor will pursue Loki to be worthy of the Mjolnir instead of Thor. With Loki being able to wield the magical hammer, we could suspect that he would also become the ruler of Asgard. But the 9 realms could be at chaos since he is the God of Mischief.

The Avengers

Loki Suggested Thanos to Snap & Achieve His Goal

What if Loki attacked Thanos with the Space and the Mind Stone instead? Right in the beginning of the film, Loki had his hands on two Infinity Stones. He already had the scepter and with the Tesseract, he was a much powerful personality than Thanos himself. So, Loki could have either killed off Thanos with the Infinity Stones and take over the Chittauri and the Outriders for himself. Or perhaps he may have mind-controlled Thanos and unleashed him on Earth. The Avengers were able to stop Loki and the Chittauri, but they would have died at the hands of the rampant mind-controlled Titan. This way Loki would have not only ruled Earth, but he would have taken the fight to other planets and realms. He may have unleashed Thanos on Asgard as well. Loki’s lust to rule the Universe would be the ultimate goal here.


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