10 Incredible Facts About The Leader of Eternals – Ikaris

Facts About Ikaris: 

Marvel Cinematic Universe recently announced that The Eternals would release in 2020 and the fans are elated. The Eternals are one of the strongest beings in the entire Marvel universe and it would be awesome to watch them in Phase 4.

We all remember Richard Madden as Robb Stark from the popular show Game of Thrones and it would be awesome to see him portray the role of Ikaris, the leader of the Eternals.

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts About Ikaris

Ikaris is the lead character of the Eternals and he was created by the legendary Jack Kirby. He first appeared in the comic book Eternals #1 back in July 1976. The Eternals were introduced by Kirby as he wanted to bring God-like characters into the Marvel Universe. Kirby wanted to create characters who were different than the other characters, so he introduced the immortal Eternals into the universe.

#2: Origin and History

Facts About Ikaris

Ikaris was born over 20,000 years ago, that’s right, you have read that right. Ikaris was born in Polaria, in the area now known as Siberia. His parents, Vikaro and Tulayn, were both a part of the Eternals as well. His birth name is still unknown. Ikaris then grew up to be one of the strongest Eternals in the future.

#3: He named himself in the memory of his dead son

Facts About Ikaris

Hundreds of years ago, the man is eventually known as Ikaris was fighting Deviants in ancient Greece, when he met and finally wed a human woman. Together they had a son named Icarus. Icarus wanted to fly just like his father, so one day he went out to fly using his mechanical wings, but he was too inexperienced and lost consciousness in the upper atmosphere and eventually died after falling. Finding his son dead, the father Eternal took the name of his son Ikaris, to honor him.

#4: He has many Powers and Abilities

Facts About Ikaris

Ikaris is the leader of Eternals, so it is obvious that he is super powerful. He has Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. He has Super Regenerative Healing Factor, he can manipulate Cosmic energy, and Flight, Psionic powers, matter transmutation, and Teleportation. Ikaris is an Immortal Cosmic being.

#5: He is a Psychic

Facts About Ikaris

Ikaris has a special ability, he scans the superficial thoughts of any mind less adept than his own. So, basically, he can read minds. He can mentally create illusions to disguise himself as another person. He can even rearrange molecules in the air to create a virtually impenetrable shield above himself.

#6: He can Shoot Laser Beams

Facts About Ikaris

Ikaris is a super-powerful being and on top of that, he has deadly abilities that can destroy anyone. He can project heat beams that can vaporize solid objects. He can project heat of a maximum temperature of at least 3,000 Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt iron. It takes him about 1 minute to attain this maximum temperature. They are called the Disintegrator beams.

#7: Ikaris and Thena do not like each other at all

Facts About Ikaris

Ikaris and fellow Eternal Thena (Played by Angelina Jolie in MCU) have had a strong dislike for each other for a long time and find themselves coming to conflict when she is appointed as Prime Eternal. Ikaris questioned her worth as Prime Eternal and challenged her. He faced her in the Hall of Eternal Judgement and finally defeated her to become the Prime Eternal. It would be interesting to see if this storyline is pursued in the MCU.

#8: Ikaris has been fighting Apocalypse for a long time

Facts About Ikaris

We all remember the legendary mutant Apocalypse. Ikaris and Apocalypse have been locking horns since centuries. During their first encounter, Ikaris defeated Apocalypse with the help of other Eternals. Apocalypse later returned to detonate a nuclear warhead. Ikaris confronted him and although Ikaris is defeated this time, he still managed to thwart Apocalypse’s plan.

#9: His Father died fighting

Facts About Ikaris

Nearly one thousand years ago, Ikaris lost his father Virako, who died battling a mutated earthworm. All this happened when a group of Eternals was preparing for the coming of the Third Host of Celestials. After the death of his father, Ikaris was heartbroken and lost. Valkin, the uncle of Ikaris then adopted him as his own son to show him the way.

#10: He died after losing his mind

Facts About Ikaris

The Eternals learned a dark truth that drove them mad, that the true purpose of their kind was to cultivate humankind. In their madness, they turned against each other or committed suicide, including Ikaris. Before dying, Ikaris told Iron Man and Doctor Strange the truth. Hoping to help the heroes to stop the horde, Ikaris mentally passed on to Iron Man the Key to summon a Uni-Mind.

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