How the Iron Spider Suit Was Upgraded in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home was a brisk and fun entry into the MCU. It did quite well to end the Infinity Saga and set up a new Phase of the MCU. The film was 2 hours and 9 minutes long and coincidentally brought the total run time of the entire MCU to 3000 minutes. Now we don’t know whether Marvel wanted this on purpose or was it really coincidental. If it was on purpose, then we can imagine good reasoning as to why the initial fight involving the Iron Spider suit was cut from the movie.

Here’s what director Jon Watts told io9 about it:

“That was in the movie for a while [Iron Spider action scene]. It’s part of a montage where Peter is running a bunch of errands that he has to do before he flies to Europe. And the joke was his errands were he had to buy a dual headphone adapter…he had to get one of those European travel plugs, he sold some of his action figures so that he would have enough money to [minor spoiler removed], pick up his passport, and he had to take down this extremely dangerous crime family. That’s Spider-Man’s to-do list.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Well, this montage could have been removed to get the movie to 129 Minutes. But it also made sense that the director wanted Spider-Man to be on his Europe trip as soon as possible. Hence the scene was edited out of the movie. As the director revealed previously, it will be a part of the BluRay pack of the movie. It’s just sad that the Iron Spider suit hasn’t got the attention it needs. It is the most advanced Spider-Man suit and we never really got to see it in complete action. We didn’t get to see the complete set of abilities that this suit has.

Perhaps the Iron Spider suit doesn’t get more screen time because it is completely created out of CGI and every second of the suit costs a lot of money. The VFX of the Iron Spider suit we saw in Spider-Man: Far From Home were done by supervisor Julian Foddy and his team at Industrial Light and Magic’s London-based office. Foddy even said that the suit was actually upgraded this time for close up shots. He told

“We did do some additional modeling work, just to add a little bit of extra detail. Because I think in Infinity War, where the suit had been used before, it was mainly really in action sequences. There weren’t a huge amount of lingering closeups on Peter wearing the suit. We really wanted to add in an extra level of detail. That includes both the model and the textures, so that carbon fiber type specular response, which you mentioned there…it was actually there in the textures that we ingested, but we tweaked the shade so it’s likely to get more out of that.”

Normally, we wouldn’t really see much of a difference in the suit, but the close-up shots in Spider-Man: Far From Home do pack a great deal of detailing. There’s probably one little flaw with the Iron Spider Suit that follows from Endgame to Far From Home. In Endgame when Spidey crashes down being hit by the projectiles being fired from Thanos’ ship, the extended gold legs break off of the suit upon impact. Since Tony Stark died, who fixed the suit in Far From Home?

We clearly saw those arms in the trailers, so is it a plot hole or what? Let’s just ignore this minor mistake. The suit was nanotech. It probably produced the second bunch of legs on its own. The sad thing is that we won’t be seeing this suit make a return in future movies. It really should do that, but since Peter has already changed 5 suits in 5 appearances, we can expect another suit to come into play in a future Spider-Man movie.

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