4 Most Brutal Assassinations In The Harry Potter Series

Throughout the Harry Potter series, a war was going on between the dark and bright side of the magical world. This war resulted in tragic loss of many powerful wizards including Albus Dumbledore, Lily and James Potter and many more legendary magicians. These wizards were brutally assassinated by the dark wizards in the lust of superpower. Many innocent souls were brutally murdered by dark forces in harry potter series. Read more to find out:

Dumbledore Assassinated By Severus Snape

Most Brutal Assassinations in the Harry Potter series

The Dark lord appointed Draco Malfoy to kill Albus Dumbledore.But Severus came in the and brutally killed his headmaster. It was later discovered that the headmaster himself has instructed Snape to kill him in order to gain the faith of dark lord. When Albus Dumbledore came to know that Draco had come to kill him he bravely dropped his wand, the heartless cast a powerful spell and the legend died. This was the most unexpected and difficult assassin as Severus killed the person who was very near and dear to him. The entire scene stood still when Dumbledore was killed. It was the most tragic loss for everyone in the Harry Potter And Half-Blood Prince.

James And Lily Potter Assassinated By Voldemort

When Voldemort was building his army he was in search of most talented witches. On disapproval of Potter’s to join his army, the dark lord killed James and lily irrespective of the fact that harry was still in hands of Lily. He even tried to kill the newborn soul which proves that he was extremely cruel. Eventually, Harry was protected by an old magic spell cast by her mother but she couldn’t save herself.

Severus Snape Assassinated By Voldemort

Voldemort brutally killed his deemed to be a loyal servant, Severus Snape. The elder wand responded to only to his true master, which was Severus Snape.So in order to attain the ownership, Voldemort murdered Snape. Voldemort’s pet Nagini cruelly killed Snape. Voldemort was dear to no one and he could kill anyone to accomplish his whimsical desires.

Serius Black Assassinated By Merope Gaunt

4 Most Brutal Assassinations In The Harry Potter Series

Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry Potter and dearest friend of James Potter was killed by Bellatrix in the Harry Potter And Order Of Phoenix. The Dark Wizards attacked the Ministry when Harry Potter along with his team went to fetch the prophecy. When Sirius was talking to Harry, the brutal witch attacked Black. Black was completely unprepared so could not defend and died on the spot. Harry Potter cried in dismay, as he has lost his only family left.


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