10 Chilling Facts About The Best Psychological Thriller: Mindhunter

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter:

Serial Killers have always fascinated people as it is very difficult to comprehend what is going on in their minds. We have all heard of Serial Killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Luis Garavito, etc. and if you want to know how monsters like these were profiled by the cops, then Mindhunter is the perfect show for you.

Mindhunter is the best Psychological Thriller of our time and it is produced by none other than David Fincher. Season 2 is here and we cannot wait to Binge it.

Here are 10 Chilling facts about the first season that you cannot miss.

#1: Based on True Events

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

If you are creeped out by the show Mindhunter, then we have even more terrifying news for you. The show is based on real-life events. The characters Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) are based on the real-life FBI profilers John Douglas and Robert K. Ressler, who pioneered the field of criminal profiling in the 1970s.

#2: The Interviews actually happened

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

One of the best parts about Mindhunter’s first season is the interview scenes with the serial killers. The scenes were super creepy and horrifying and the worst part about it is that the answers given by the Serial Killers are not made up. The scenes were created from the actual footage and they depicted it almost word to word.

#3: Kemper actually threatened the FBI agent

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

One of the best scenes of the entire series is in its last episode when Ford meets Kemper in his Hospital room alone. In reality, Agent Ressler met with Kemper in a prison cell all alone. In the end, Ressler pushed the button to summon the guard but no one came. Kemper noticed the nervousness on Ressler’s face and said, “If I went ape-shit in here, you’d be in a lot of trouble, wouldn’t you? I could screw your head off and place it on the table to greet the guard.” No need to say that Ressler was petrified, but he handled the situation ultimately.

#4: The Show is based on a Crime Book

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

The script of the show is heavily inspired by the true-crime book “Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit” written by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Both John and Mark worked for several years on the book and it is a result of years of research on the topic of Serial Killers.

#5: HBO rejected the series

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

World-renowned director and producer of Mindhunter, David Fincher approached HBO with the series in 2013. He recalled that they were not interested in a show about “Two white guys in suits” chasing serial killers. The following year, the first season of True Detectives (2014) premiered, in which two white guys in suits chased a serial killer.

#6: Shot using a one of a kind Digital Camera

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

Netflix gave David Fincher all the freedom which he required to make the show awesome. They built a customized, one of a kind version of the RED Epic Dragon digital camera. They built it specifically for David Fincher and Mindhunter, called the “RED Xenomorph”.

#7: The Actors have prior experience in the field

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

Holt McCallany (Bill Tench) previously guest-starred in the episode “Distress” (2007) of the show Criminal Minds, as the episode’s killer, suffering from a severe PTSD-related break from reality. Criminal Minds centers around the profile-building tactics of the real modern-day BAU (Behavioural Analysis Unit) of the FBI, similar to Mindhunter. Anna Torv also played the character of an FBI agent before named Olivia Dunham in the show Fringe (2008).

#8: Reference to David Fincher’s movies

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

There are many small references to David Fincher movies. He has directed many great movies like Se7en, Zodiac, Fight Club, Gone Girl, etc. and there are many subtle references to some of these movies in the show. In one episode, Dr. Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) can be heard asking: “What’s in the box”? this is a clear reference to the Se7en, where Brad Pitt’s character asks the same question in the famous scene.

#9: Jonathan Groff got chills after meeting Cameron Britton

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

Cameron Britton plays the serial Killer Edmund Kemper in the show and he is absolutely fantastic. He played the character so well that he terrified Groff in real life. Britton and Groff got down to read the script, and after Britton started to say his lines in character, he mimicked the real Edmund Kemper so well that it terrified Jonathan Groff to be all alone with him.

#10: Season 2 will have an Active Serial Killer

Facts About Psychological Thriller Mindhunter

In Season Two, we all would be introduced to Dennis Rader, better known as the “BTK” Killer, who murdered ten people in Sedgwick Country, Kansas between 1974 and 1991. It would be interesting to meet another Serial Killer after Edmund Kemper and not to forget, Charles Manson is also a part of the second season.

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