Top 10 Amazing Facts About Your Favorite Comic-Book Villain: Josh Brolin

Fans recognize him as the most iconic Marvel Villain Thanos, but Josh Brolin has played many amazing characters throughout his career. He has been a part of various movies belonging to various genres. He just might be going through his Golden Patch currently as he is literally everywhere.

Although his character arc just ended in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are 10 amazing facts about Josh Brolin that you will never forget.

#1: He was going to be the Next Batman

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Josh Brolin is a sturdy man with a huge built, and due to that, the comic book franchises were dying to get him on board. Disney did manage to bag Brolin, but DC failed. As Josh Brolin was heavily considered for the role of Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) before the studio ultimately decided to go with Ben Affleck

#2: He crashed his motorcycle and shattered his collarbone

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

In May 2006, just two days after being cast as Llewelyn Moss in the movie No Country For Old Men (2007), he crashed his motorcycle into a vehicle on Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. He only shattered his collarbone and managed to show up for work just two weeks later.

#3: His father has 2 Golden Globes

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Josh Brolin is the son of the famous actor James Brolin (The Reagans, Hotel, Marcus Welby, M.D.) and James is an established actor himself. He has been nominated for Golden Globe awards 6 times, out of which he won twice. James has also been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards five times, out of which he has won once. Acting is in Josh’s genes.

#4: He wanted to be a Chef

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Before getting a knack for acting, Brolin had a lot of interest in cooking. He loved cooking so much that he even thought about getting into professionally. But thankfully, he decided against that, otherwise, we would not have gotten so many of his iconic roles.

#5: He is an Avid Stock Trader

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

After taking a glance at Brolin, no one would believe that he is into stock trading and he is good at it too. He is very serious about playing Wall Street, he has got the trade station with three computer screens going simultaneously in his house in Los Angeles. He also co-created marketprobability.com, a website giving investors historical stock overviews.

#6: He has a dark past

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Josh Brolin was at one point using drugs very heavily. He used various substances, including Heroin. He has even admitted to stealing cars to pay for his drug use. He did manage to save himself from getting addicted to Heroin. 19 of his friends died from using heroin and other substances which possibly helped him to stay away.

#7: He’s in 5 different Comic Book Franchises

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

He is one of the rarest actors on the planet to star in 5 different film franchises based on five different comic book publications. We all know him as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has also portrayed Cable in the X-Men universe, a young agent K in Men In Black 3 which is in the Malibu/Marvel Comics. He played Jonah Hex of DC Comics and Dwight McCarthy in the Dark Horse comics-based film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

#8: Interest in Acting

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Josh Brolin, even after having his father working in the entertainment industry, was not very sure about joining the industry and his interest only generated after taking an improv acting class in high school

#9: He Was Stabbed by a Mugger

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Josh Brolin was with his girlfriend in Costa Rica on a surf trip in 2013 when someone approached Brolin during the wee hours of the morning to ask for a cigarette and money. When Brolin told the man he had neither, the man stabbed him. He ended up in an ambulance, but it turned out that the knife wound was shallow and missed the vital organs by an inch.

#10: 2013 was not good Brolin

Josh Brolin Favorite Comic-Book Villain

Brolin hit rock bottom in 2013, as nothing went right for him that year. Including the Stabbing, his nine-year marriage to Diane Lane Ended, he was arrested for public intoxication. He woke up on the sidewalk in front of his house and was called to see his grandma on her deathbed. Brolin decided to stay sober after that event.

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