10 Most Brutal Fights Between X-Men Members – Ranked

Brutal fights between X-Men members:

While the X-Men are not the only superhero team of the Marvel Superhero universe, they are the ones that tend to fight amongst themselves the most. The Avengers have also had to face in-fighting and rivalry but the X-Men have taken internal squabble to a whole new level. The team that started out with Professor X aka Charles Xavier has amassed a long list of names that count as its members. With each new member added into the team, the amount of friction between the founding as well as the rookie members keeps on increasing. Sometimes, this friction leads to disastrous consequences. Professor Charles Xavier’s primary objective for setting up the x-Men was to help humankind realize that the mutants are a peace-loving species and there is actually a possibility of co-existence within the two races. But from the looks of it, the Human-Mutant co-existence concept has almost always been thrown down the drain when the X-Men members reveal their vicious side.

 1. Jean Grey vs. Professor Charles Xavier

Brutal fights between X-Men members

The major reason The Last Stand flopped was because of the extremely potent comic book inaccuracy that prevailed throughout the runtime of the movie. Famke Janssen was horrible as Jean Grey. Magneto and Professor X, as well as Storm and Wolverine, were the only saving graces of the movie. The one scene that stood out from the crappy production was when Professor X and Jean Grey, who had taken up her Phoenix Avatar now, entered into a psychic fistfight with each other. Professor X tried to get into Jean Grey’s mind and calm her down using his powers of telepathic projection. It did not work out as Professor X underestimated Jean’s own psychic abilities. She not only cast him out but also ensured that no one would ever find his body. Using her telekinesis, Jean literally ripped apart Professor X’s body, atom by atom, as Wolverine looked on helplessly.

 2. Magneto vs. the X-Men

Brutal fights between X-Men members

The Last Stand had one more fight scene worth mentioning.  Magneto decides to use the Brotherhood of Mutants, whose numbers have now swollen up due to mutants joining its ranks as a form of protest against the Mutant Cure, as well as Jean Grey, to get to the source of the Cure – Moira’s Lab, to put an end to the whole farce. Luckily, the Lab’s security is now reinforced with Wolverine, Beast, Storm and the rest of the X-Men. Magneto almost succeeds in taking down the source but when things don’t go according to his plans, he decides to use his magnetic manipulation powers to turn the tide. Before he could do it, Wolverine and the Beast, using a fish bait maneuver, lure him into a trap and inject the cure into him.

 3. Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Wolverine is not known to be a gentle being. His ruthlessness alone is enough to make any super villain think twice before crossing paths with him. In X2- X-Men United, we finally get to see Wolverine experiencing chills down his spine when Lady Deathstrike, the personal bodyguard of Stryker, reveals that she too is endowed with the same set of skills that Wolverine has, only better. The entire fight revolves around Wolverine getting his butt kicked by Lady Deathstrike, played by Kelly Hu, until Wolverine manages to catch her in one lucky fluke of a move. Not letting go of this golden opportunity, Wolverine injects tubes connected to molten Adamantium vats into her body. The fight ends with Lady Deathstrike literally drowning in the same metal that makes up her claws.

 4. Night Crawler vs. Iceman

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Iceman is one of the purest of souls in the marvel Universe. He might show himself as a care-free individual but when push comes to shove, he always does the right thing. And he is respected for it. Night Crawler, on the other hand never gets that respect. Partly because of his looks, people never tend to think too highly of him. And that is exactly why this scene from the comic books is so freaking depressing to look at. After Iceman is shattered into thousands of pieces while he was still in his ice form and again reformed, he is no more the guy Night Crawler used to hang out with. Iceman has joined Archangel to become one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and kills anyone who stands in Apocalypse’s way, even Iceman’s own friends. Iceman’s story comes to a brutal end when Night Crawler pushes him into an incinerator, burning him alive as Night Crawler watches from a distance.

 5. Wolverine and Sabretooth vs. Deadpool

Brutal fights between X-Men members

While not the brightest of all movies, the climax of the movie does deserve a mention. Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, is now Weapon XI, the new age mutant superweapon that was designed in the labs of the Three Mile Island. Deadpool now has the adamantium claws and healing factor of Wolverine, the strength of Sabretooth, the heat vision of Cyclops, and a host of other abilities. He is also very adept at close quarter combat. The two brothers struggled like hell in getting the upper hand since Deadpool can also teleport. The fight ends with the sibling duo working together to get hold of Weapon XI, after which he is completely beheaded and neutralized.

 6. Jean Grey vs. the X-Men

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Jen Grey might not be the best and brightest of the lot but she certainly is the strongest. Fox tried to get back at the Dark Phoenix saga again when they released, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This time, Jean Grey, who had realized her powers as the Phoenix, turned out to be the actual villain. Right in the middle of the movie, when Mystique tries to calm her and get close to her, Jean Grey lashes out and a small telekinetic wave is enough to push Mystique into a shard of iron. Mystique dies, Quicksilver gets a huge leg injury, and the rest of the X-Men, even the normally pacifistic beast, are pissed.

 7. Magneto and Beast vs. Night Crawler, Cyclops, Storm and Professor X

Brutal fights between X-Men members

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we see that Beast has changed sides and is now working with Magneto to take down Jean Grey. To stop them, Professor X, Cyclops, Storm and Night Crawler travel to London, where Jean was last seen! There Magneto and Best try to get into the mansion where Jean is all the whole Cyclops, Night Crawler and Storm try and keep the bad guys busy. The scene is not as action-packed as it is CGI rich. The movie sucked but we got to appreciate the effort they put into one scene.

 8. Wolverine vs. the X-Men

Brutal fights between X-Men members

In the comic books, the in-fighting between the X-Men members has taken drastic twists and turns. In Enemy of the State, an acclaimed storyline published by Marvel several years back, Wolverine is kidnapped by Hydra and The Hand. Both the terrorist organizations intend to use the resources of the Dawn of the White Light to brainwash Wolverine with false memories and turn him into their personal killing machine. Wolverine turns into a loyal bloodhound for the bad guys and kills in their name. Due to his healing factor and his unbreakable claws, he tears through not only the Avengers but also the X-Men, both of whom try and fail to stop him, with relative ease.

 9. Old Man Logan vs. the X-Men

Brutal fights between X-Men members

In the Old Man Logan timeline, there are no X-Men. The reason is pretty simple – there are no X-Men since they are all dead. Who killed them, you ask? Wolverine!! On his defense, he did not mean to. A group of villains broke into the X-Mansion and were threatening the sanctity of the whole place. Wolverine even asked for the senior mutant members to vacate the premises and take the children with them to a safe place so that the adults could duke it out. As it turned out, the ‘bad guys’ Wolverine was fighting against to protect the ‘children’, were only hallucinations induced by Mysterio. The bad guys Wolverine had ripped to pieces were the X-Men, and the last person Wolverine killed was Jubilation Lee, his trusted protégé.

 10. Phoenix Five vs. Wolverine

Brutal fights between X-Men members

That’s right. The last entries are all about Wolverine! What can we say – the guy is full of unkempt rage!! In this storyline, the X-Men, the most hated superhero community in the Marvel comic book universe, decide that it is about time for mutants to deal with their own problems without outside intervention. When the Phoenix Force came to Planet Earth searching for the mutant messiah Hope Summers, the X-Men were caught in a terrible crossfire. The Phoenix Force, in all that chaos, fragmented into five pieces, each piece getting into one prominent mutant superhero – Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Namor, and Magik. Wolverine and Professor X sided with the good guys, who are the Avengers in this case. Wolverine was even planning on killing a young Hope Summers to end the threat of the Phoenix Force just for the sake of everyone else. The fight between Wolverine and the Phoenix Five is absolutely vicious.

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