A Major Mistake Involving Doctor Strange Has Been Spotted

Mistake Involving Doctor Strange Spotted:

There are always certain continuity errors in all the films. There’s probably no film that would be perhaps a 100% mistake proof. With a film like a major movie like Avengers: Endgame, there would be so many scenes that were bound to end up on the editing room floors. But that doesn’t make Endgame a bad movie in any way. In fact, we should acknowledge the die-hard efforts that everyone put in to make this movie what it was. But still, if we are in fact nitpicking, let’s not leave any stone unturned.

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Avengers: Endgame A-Force Movie

In Endgame, there were quite a few things that didn’t make sense and needed explanations. But then there were certain other errors that led to plot holes. One such error made by the VFX team was fixing Captain America’s shield all of a sudden for a split second after it was shattered by Thanos. Reddit user SolracNexus is the one who spotted this continuity error.

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Now another such mistake has been found involving Doctor Strange. In Infinity War, Thanos caught hold of Doctor Strange and crushed the Eye of Agamotto. But the VFX team, or perhaps the costume designers probably forgot about that, and actually put the Eye of Agamotto around Doctor Strange’s neck. Take a look:

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Mistake Involving Doctor Strange Spotted
Mistake Involving Doctor Strange Spotted

This isn’t the only continuity error. Apparently, there were at least 2 more in the film and they were spotted by back when Avengers: Endgame just hit the theatres. Here are those scenes that were pointed out:


“In the final battle, Wasp and Ant-Man are in the van trying to get the quantum tunnel operational. We cut back to the fight and we can see Ant-Man there too, fighting in his giant form.”

Right at 2 Hours 21 minutes and 55 seconds, we see Ant-Man and the Wasp fly towards Luis’ van and then Scott says that it’d take him a few minutes to hardwire the van. Then we see a shot of Hawkeye running with the Infinity Gauntlet. He then passes the Gauntlet to Black Panther, who then takes his legendary run amidst the battle. While he runs towards the van, we see a shot where Giant-Man is holding a Leviathan over his head. Now, this is a pretty cool shot but it implies that Scott suddenly leaves the van, turns into Giant-Man, takes down a Leviathan and then gets back to fixing the van. So that’s just incorrect.

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Scott Lang, Hulk, Tacos

“After the Benatar blows off most of Scott Lang’s taco and War Machine’s landing causes him to drop the rest of his lunch, Hulk passes by Scott and offers him two tacos in one shot, but in the next shot, Hulk only has one taco in his hand.”

Well, these are minor errors which can be forgiven. But there’s one another aspect during the final battle which doesn’t make the utmost sense. Did any of you stop and ask the true goal of the Avengers during the final battle? The Hulk said that the stones need to be taken back to where they came from. Captain America asked Scott to start the van and as mentioned above, the Avengers take turns at carrying the Infinity Gauntlet. Hawkeye passes the Gauntlet to Black Panther, and then Panther further gives it to Peter Parker. Captain Marvel then takes the Gauntlet from Spider-Man and then flies towards the van.

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If you’ve noticed, Captain Marvel just entered the battle and actually had no idea for why she needs to take the Infinity Gauntlet to the van. Perhaps this message would have been delivered to everyone off-screen, otherwise, it just wouldn’t make any sense for Carol to be going into the Quantum Realm. In fact, she flies towards the van without having a Quantum Realm suit or any Pym particles for that matter. Moreover, how does she know from where exactly were the stones taken from the past? She wasn’t a part of the entire time heist, so she doesn’t know the separate missions that the team members went through. The only fix that we may get for this is that Carol was probably taking the stones towards Scott so he could go back to the past and clip all the branches.

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