This Crazy Theory Suggests That Happy Is The Next Doc Ock

The Next Doc Ock:

Marvel Cinematic Universe has witnessed some crazy developments recently. We saw the advent of Thanos into the MCU and we saw him descend on earth with the unrelenting might of the infinity gauntlet. As time went on things seemed bleaker until Thor arrived in full force and killed Thanos in Endgame. But the God of thunder was too late, we had already lost a majority of our loved ones and the Avengers were defeated, although by the end of endgame things turned out to be very different with the snapped victims coming back and Tony sacrificing his life to eradicate Thanos.

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Tony Stark

The death of Iron Man, although anticipated, hit the fandom really hard and supposedly also affected the Avengers more than they would ever let on. The newest and youngest addition to the Avengers Roster is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The new iteration of Spider-Man coming out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has won the hearts of many and it seems that Marvel plans on taking this sub-franchise to new levels, as evidenced by the events of far from home where the young hero not only introduces us to the concept of Multiverse but also acts as a stand-in for Iron Man in SHIELD’s time of need.

The elementals and illusions of Mysterio are defeated by Spider-Man but the after-credits scene has put Peter Parker in a very precarious position. It also seems that there is romance budding between Happy Hogan and Aunt May. Do you think we are going to see these two comings together in the possible future? Well, u/Brent-Miller seems to think so and he also seems to think that this relationship will be crucial to the formation of Sinister Six. How? You ask! Well here’s the theory reproduced below for your scrutiny. Please read it and then continue on for the analysis:-

[MCU/Spiderman] Crazy Sinister 6 Fan Theory from FanTheories

Phew! That was some read. For those who skimmed through it let me reiterate. The reddit user suggests that the relationship between Happy and Aunt May will develop until they finally decide to be together for the long term. Now bear in mind that this theory assumes that things will largely continue as they are now which is hardly ever the case in Marvel Cinematic Universe but the premise is something worth deliberating over. The user goes on further to speculate that Happy Hogan will start seeing Peter as a son, even more so than Tony. Eventually, this relationship is what will drive happy to the verge of madness in a fit to protect his son when he could not protect his boss, not that Iron Man needs any protecting.

The implication of a corrupted Stark AI fusing with Happy’s brain is surely an interesting one but I don’t know if the writers would wish to corrupt the memory of Iron Man so early in the next phase. I guess we’ll just have to find out. But everything else? The mechanical arms, the control chip, the rogue gallery team up and the subsequent corruption of Happy Hogan into Doctor Octopus seems extremely likely.

It just might be fun to see a crazed Happy riding the Doc Ock arms and Peter and him sneaking around to battle each other after having dinner in front of May. The mere implication is enticing. There could also be an entire subplot of Happy having a lover’s quarrel with May which then leads to him seeking out the mechanical arms. It is entirely possible that in this scenario happy will do more bad than good but that’s the comic universe for you.

Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl TV Ultron

There is also a possibility that this theory can hint at the return of Ultron in all his might but with a different consciousness. Perhaps a more aware, a more action-oriented Ultron well equipped to destroy the current Avengers. Will the third Spider-Man movie take this story seriously and give us the payoff for Sinister Six or will we just be handed the same old formula again. We just have to wait to find out.

What do you think? Is this theory feasible, can Happy Hogan truly go so far or are we just letting our imaginations run wild? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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