Spider-Man 3 May Bring a New Vulture or a New Falcon into the MCU

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently running in the theatres and it was truly the final film of MCU Phase 3. It closed many of the story arcs from The Infinity Saga and set up the next phase of the MCU in the best way possible. What it did was give the MCU a cosmic future and turned Peter Parker’s next adventure into a freakin’ Nightmare. Now Spider-Man 3 will actually be something we’ve never seen before!

Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home follow. You’ve been warned.

Mysterio was the big villain and people familiar with the comics knew about his shenanigans. This film did manage to separate him from the comics but only up to a certain extent. In the books, Mysterio starts off proceedings by turning the world upon Spider-Man. In the film, he ended things that way, and didn’t just turn New York but the entire world against him. Moreover, he probably ruined Peter Parker’s life by revealing the true identity of Spider-Man!

Not just Peter, but everyone in the theatres watching the film went “What the fu—”! Now everyone’s gonna be after Peter, and Marvel could actually bring in the Sinister Six right here. The government could actually sanction a team of certain Spider-Man villains to take him down. Director Jon Watts teased that he’d love to bring Kraven in the next film.

There’s a perfect set up for Kraven to come in as he is called Kraven “The Hunter” after all. Since Spider-Man could be on the run, Kraven could be one of the villains who is after Peter. But he may not be the only villain looking for Spider-Man. By the end of Homecoming, it was teased that Scorpion is after the Web Slinger as well. So, Kraven may get some assistance from him.

But what Spider-Man: Far From Home may have done extremely well is tease a new version of the Vulture, or perhaps a new Falcon. By the end of Homecoming, we saw Adrian Toomes sort of changing sides and actually supporting Peter in his cause. He doesn’t reveal Peter’s identity when Mac Gargan aka the Scorpion asks for it. So, he may actually come out in support of Peter Parker in the next film. But we cannot say the same for his daughter, Liz Allen.

Last we saw her was in Homecoming where she left the school and moved to a new town to start a new life. But she may actually be holding a grudge against Spider-Man for putting her father in jail and ruining her life. And now that she’d find out who Spider-Man really is, she can actually go after him. Being the daughter of Adrian Toomes, she may actually become a new version of Vulture using her father’s tech. This would make her the new Vulture or perhaps falcon in the MCU!

It’d be a really cool way to bring her back in Spider-Man 3. Homecoming just dropped her story arc and introduced MJ as Peter’s new love interest in Far From Home. She may have survived the snap and would have probably gotten 5 years older to the rest of the cast. But a crazy fact about Laura Harrier is that she’s already 29 years old. She was 27 when she was cast to play a 15-year-old and actually looked old enough to be a teenager. We all would have been thinking that Marvel may recast Harrier, but she can actually play a 20-year-old character now.

When asked about her return in the future, here’s what Director Jon Watts said:

“Oh yeah… we talked about it a little bit. I mean, that’s something that I would love to explore more future films… [Harrier] was [five years older than everyone] when we shot the movie, so now she can just actually play her. Now she can just play her actual age.”

It’d be fun to see her return as another version of Vulture and take on Spider-Man along with some other villains! Let’s hope Marvel does announce Spider-Man 3 at Comic-Con.

Source: Screen Rant

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