Every New Superhero Joining the MCU in Phase 4

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 was awesome and the reason for that was none other than the Marvel Studios Panel. Within 2 hours, they revealed their slate for Phase 4 which will end in the next 2 years. A total of 10 MCU projects were announced which included just 2 new sequels. Rest all of them were new solo projects. Some of those would bring in new heroes while others would continue with the ones that have already been established in the MCU. So here’s every new Superhero that has been confirmed to join the MCU in Phase 4:

Eternals – Ikaris

MCU Phase 4

Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) has been confirmed to play the role of Ikaris within the MCU. He is immortal and has superhuman strength, durability, and stamina, Regeneration, Flight, Psionics & Lazer vision. So he’s basically a 35000 Years old Superman of Marvel. Virako and Tulayn are his parents. As Madden claimed, Ikaris most certainly is the sexiest Eternal.

Eternals – Thena

Angelina Jolie’s character is called Thena (born Azura). She’s probably the love interest of Ikaris and has even more abilities than him. On top of all the basic Eternal powers, she is a telepath and can even Teleport. Manipulation of light, fire & Matter are some more of her powers. Here’s what Angelina Jolie said when she took the stage at Hall H:

“I’m going to work 10 times harder, because what it means to be part of the MCU, part of this family, we know what the task ahead is, what you all deserve and we’re all gonna work very hard.”

Eternals – Ajak

Ajak is the leader and a male character in the comics. We’d see a female version in the MCU since Salma Hayek is portraying the character. Ajak is an excellent hand to hand combatant and has other Eternal abilities like superhuman strength, durability and stamina, Regeneration, etc.

Eternals – Kingo

Kumail Nanjiani is the first Pakistani actor to become a Superhero in the MCU. His character – Kingo Sunen is a master Swordsman. We can expect a comic approach to this character since Kumail has been a stand-up comedian.

Eternals – Mikkari

Mikkari will be the first ever live action deaf Superhero. In the comics Mikkari is a male but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who gave away all his powers to gain superspeed. In the film, we’d see a female version of the character since Lauren Ridloff has been cast for the role. It’d be interesting to see Marvel’s first female speedster.

Eternals – Phastos

This Eternal has got Enhanced metabolism and ages slowly. He is an inventor and an engineer with a
genius level intellect. Brian Tyree Henry will surely do Phastos justice. It’d be interesting to see him be the brains of the team.

Eternals – Gilgamesh

Also known as the Forgotten One, Gilgamesh has the all the Eternal abilities – superhuman strength, durability and stamina, Regeneration, Flight. But the thing is that he went blind & developed Daredevil-like radar system. Don Lee claimed that he could take on the Hulk, so he’d probably be the muscle of this team.

Eternals – Sprite

This Eternal is stuck in a child’s body as she cannot grow. Imagine an immortal kid Loki, who’s actually older but doesn’t look like an older character. Sprite is a master illusionist and a trickster. Marvel would really have a lot of fun with Sprite, and it seems that Lia McHugh has what it takes to portray this character.


Marvel has cast Simu Liu to play the deadly assassin. He is the first Asian streamline Superhero of the MCU. We could expect an action packed endeavor involving him as he’d take on the leader of the 10 rings – The Mandarin.

WandaVision – Monica Rambeau

We saw a younger version of Monica Rambeau played by Akira Akbar, but now as the story continues post Avengers: Endgame, she’s all grown up. Teyonah Parris is going to make her MCU debut in the upcoming show WandaVision and she’d be Marvel’s Spectrum.

Black Widow – Red Guardian

David Harbour’s character was the one that people were really interested in, and now we’ve got to know who exactly he is going to play. Feige revealed that Harbour is going to play Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian. For those who are uninitiated, Red Guardian first appearing in The Avengers #43 (1967) and has been a long-time agent of the KGB. Natasha’s past involves the Red Room, and she had been attached to the Russian spy game. So we could expect David Harbour’s character to either be a friend or a foe to Black Widow.

Black Widow – Yelena Belova

Black Widow Movie LogoWell, technically she is an antagonist in the comics. But, Florence Pugh claimed that she is a sisterly character to Natasha Romanoff. In the comics, she’s the second character to take on the mantle of Black Widow. But she is very competitive at the same time. So, she may go on to be a villain in the future, but for now she’s probably gonna be one of the protagonists helping Widow against Taskmaster.

Thor (Jane Foster)  

The moment has arrived as we’d finally get the female version of Thor that we’ve been longing for. Natalie Portman is returning to the MCU and Jane Foster will now be worthy of the Mjolnir, and the power of Thor. It’s interesting for her to be coming back since the last time we heard, Natalie Portman wasn’t interested in working with Marvel anymore. It’s perhaps this bit of her being the new Thor that must have persuaded her. No one really says no to Marvel anyway. After what Avengers: Endgame did, anyone would kill to work with the MCU.

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