James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is Casting a Mysterious Character

The script for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad seems to be coming along really well as he does seem to have a cool outline of the direction he is going to take this franchise in. It’s a bummer that we won’t be having Deadshot taking charge of the team but in his place, we’ve got Idris Elba who is supposedly going to play Bronze Tiger. Well there’s a new report out there which suggests that the film is bringing in the daughter of Elba’s character as well.

James Gunn Suicide Squad

According to TheWrap, Strom Reid, who played Meg Murry in the 2018 Disney film – A Wrinkle in Time is currently the first name in line to play Bronze Tiger’s daughter. No more details have been given to us as of now, and until an official report comes out, we have to say that Idris Elba’s character is also a mystery. He was originally said to be playing Deadshot, taking over Will Smith’s role. But then later it was confirmed that he will be playing some other character so that Will Smith could return in a future edition of the franchise. It came down to Sportsmaster or Bronze Tiger at the end, & Bronze Tiger makes the utmost sense.

James Gunn Suicide Squad

Bronze Tiger was the leading member of the team in 2018’s animated film, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, and Sportsmaster on the other hand isn’t really known to hang out with the Suicide Squad. Plus there’s the matter of appearance as well. Idris Elba would suit much better to Bronze Tiger. Why would you wanna hide his face making him Sportsmaster?

James Gunn Suicide Squad

According to the Hollywood Reporter here’s the character breakdown of the rest of the members of coming into the film:

“Plot details are being kept secret but the new characters include DC villains such as Ratcatcher (she controls rats), Peacemaker (he loves peace so much he will kill for it), King Shark (would you believe us if we told you it’s a humanoid shark?) and last but certainly not least, Polka-Dot Man… Gunn has shown an affinity for pretty obscure comic characters — this one has appeared less than a dozen times since his creation — and the character is said to lean into his embarrassment of his ‘lame’ abilities.”

James Gunn Suicide Squad

Among the 4 of these characters, Ant-Man’s David David Dastmalchian has been cast as the Polka-Dot Man. Rest John Cena and Daniela Melchior have been rumored as Peacemaker and Ratcatcher respectively. Here’s what the lineup looks as of now:

Amanda Waller – Viola Davis

Captain Boomerang – Jai Courtney

Harley Quinn – Margot Robbie

Rick Flagg – Joel Kinnaman

King Shark – yet to be cast

Bronze Tiger (Rumored) – Idris Elba

Peacemaker – John Cena (Rumored)

Ratcatcher – Daniela Melchior (Rumored)

Polkadot Man – David Dastmalchian

James Gunn Suicide Squad

It would make sense for Bronze Tiger’s daughter to be in the film as that could be a great motivation for Elba’s character, just like it was for Deadshot in the previous Suicide Squad film. The cast mentioned above looks quite amazing, but there’s this one little problem. John Cena is still a rumor as far as this movie is concerned. He is attached to Fast & Furious 9, but according to him, the opportunity for this DC movie hasn’t presented itself yet. He told The Wrap earlier:

“You have to get everything buttoned up before you can make it official, I don’t want to say anything. I will just say that if that opportunity presents itself, then I will be very grateful to take it.”

James Gunn Suicide Squad

Things look pretty cool for this movie and WB could expect some great things from this film. The Batman has to be a sure shot success in 2021, but The Suicide Squad actually has an opportunity to beat the Robert Pattinson starrer film with the branding of James Gunn attached to it.

The Suicide Squad is going to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2021. It opens on August 6.

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