Top 10 Most Disliked Game of Thrones Characters

It has been close to 2 months since the last episode of Game of Thrones appeared on Television, but the fans still can’t stop talking about it as it was not just a TV show, it was a phenomenon. The show is considered one of the greatest ever and Although the makers failed to stick the Ending, it is still one of the biggest shows ever.

What made Game Of Thrones so special was its characters. The majority of the characters in the show are impactful and they are not Black and White, even the likable characters make some mistakes in the show but all of it is relatable.

But some characters are disliked by the fans, which can also be considered as a nod towards their awesome acting, which made their evil characters so believable and real.

Here are the 10 most Disliked characters in Game Of Thrones.

#10: Robert Arryn

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

Robert Arryn is a teenager who still breastfeeds. Need we go on? This character was one of the most annoying characters in the series and the fact that he almost killed our beloved Tyrion does not work in his favour.

#9: Walder Frey

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

The Red Wedding still gives us nightmares. It was one of the most unexpected and shocking scenes ever, at least for those fans who did not read the books. Walder Frey was a vile human being who killed the dreams of so many fans to wanted Robb Stark on the throne.

#8: Shae

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

Shae was the love of Tyrion Lannister’s life, who ultimately betrayed Tyrion by testifying against him when Cersei had power over her. Tyrion had a difficult life growing up because of his dwarfness and when we finally saw him happy with Shae, we all felt it, until she broke his heart and destroyed his life once again.

#7: Cersei Lannister

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

The only reason why the Character of Cersei is so low on the list is because of Lena Headey. Cersei was one of the smartest players in the show and also one of the most ruthless. Lena Headey portrayed her character so beautifully we often forgot that this is just a Tv show.

#6: Olly

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

Olly did what anyone would do to avenge the deaths of their parents. Even after that, he is one of the most disliked characters in the show as he killed both Jon Snow and Ygritte. Jon Snow did manage to find his way back and the scene where Olly is hanged is one of the most satisfying scenes in the show.

#5: Allister Thorne

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

Allister Thorne was always a thorn in Jon’s side. Set in his old ways of thinking, Thorne made Jon’s life miserable and ultimately ended up killing Jon when he brought the Wildlings beyond the Wall. He was hanged along with Olly, but even when facing death, he never gave up his ego which can be considered honourable in some way.

#4: Lisa Arryn

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

Lisa Arryn is a mother who still breastfeeds his teenage son. Need we go on? Although she had a sad past where she became pregnant with Petyr baby and as a result, her father forced her to have an abortion, fans still can’t seem to like her as she conspired against the Starks by lying to them which ultimately resulted in their downfall.

#3: Viserys Targaryen

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

Viserys was not just abusive physically, but also sexually abusive to her own sister. Viserys was super arrogant and believed that he owned the world. This arrogance led to his downfall as he ended up underestimating the Dothraki, the clan to whom he sold his sister.

#2: Ramsay Bolton

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

The perfect villain. Ramsay Bolton was a psychopath who had no boundaries when it came to violence. Throughout the series, Ramsay commits horrendous deeds to characters that we love. We all were with Jon when he was smashing his face to bits.

#1: Joffrey Baratheon

Disliked Game Of Thrones Characters

There is no shame in admitting that we all cheered when Joffrey was choking on his own blood. Joffrey was a completely spoiled child and whenever he was on screen it made people angry. Not taking anything away from Jack Gleeson’s performance, which was fantastic by the way. He made the character so real that we felt the anger while watching him, which is commendable.

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