Supergirl Movie Rumored to be Set in the Same Universe as Matt Reeves’ The Batman

We all were thrilled to know that Robert Pattinson is going to be the next Batman. And some days after that, we were graced by the news of a Supergirl movie coming very soon. Well, we all were told that the movie is in the plans of Warner Bros. but we weren’t as sure as we are now. Forbes has reported that the much-awaited project of Supergirl will start filming in the early stages of 2020. But, now another report from We Got This Covered tells us that according to their intel the Supergirl is going to be placed exactly in the same universe as ‘The Batman’.

Supergirl Movie The Batman Matt Reeves

Having reported that, it clearly does a lot of justice to the claims from earlier reports of We Got This Covered that Warner Bros. is going to reboot the whole mythology of Superman in the DCEU. No matter, what the reports say because it’ll be really cool to see the Superman reboot. And, this is the only way left to make Superman a success. Because, no matter how good and perfect Henry Cavill was as Superman, the scripts never did justice to his performances. With mega plans of Bats/Supes coming together in a crossover is really likely if WB is thinking of going this way.

Supergirl Movie The Batman Matt Reeves

But, we can’t say anything about DC and WB in a case like this. They can be really unpredictable and they’ve ditched us in the past many times, so, we will have to wait for any official confirmation. For now, all the eyes are on Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And without a doubt, this film can be a huge hit, for it’ll gather big interest from the fans of Batman, Twilight, and Robert Pattinson. Hope DC & WB will get it right this time.

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